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We all want it—and more of it! No matter how good it is now, we always want more—please! The idea of better sex is subjective, though. It depends on the environment, partner, and ability to negotiate a myriad of positions. When it comes to having (or getting) it all in bed, the only pre-requisites are a can-do attitude, a willing partner, and the Liberator Hipster. It is the combination of these three things that makes for a better sexual experience.

Finding What Fits

In theory, adding a piece of sex furniture into the bedroom seems like a great idea. But shopping online does have its challenges, especially for those who are sex furniture virgins. My husband and I experienced this when we were shopping for our first Liberator Shape. The good news, is this opened a dialog about what we both wanted in bed. Flipping through all the images, we playfully discussed the benefits of each, with me teasing him about which ones would be good for anal. (You should have seen his eyes light up with that one.) I wanted to feel comfortable with my bum in the air, while he wanted to try girl on top. Being unfamiliar with anything other than a few pillows, we finally settled on the Hipster. It appealed to us because it looked manageable and did not scream “SEX FURNITURE!”


Show and Tell

Whether you’re adventurous, or a bit more reserved, having a willing partner in the mix makes a huge difference. When the Hipster arrived, my partner and I kind of had something akin to an opening ceremony. To us, this was a major deal. We felt emotionally invested in creating a better sex life and even set the ambience with lit candles and music, with the Hipster playing the guest of honor role. Before disrobing, we took the time to understand every facet of our new toy, to adding and removing the cover, to taking a peek at the foam, to trying out every angle and slope. We even gave the Hipster a name. It was exciting taking turns and showing off new positions we were willing to try.


It’s a unique experience using a positioning aid for the first time. Just like anything new, it feels like unfamiliar territory. But the more we encouraged one another, the better everything felt. I think that’s the key to using something unfamiliar, especially when it comes to sex—is being open to talking it through and not taking it so seriously. To start off, we had a good laugh about it and used our standby missionary position. Just having that little bit of height made an enormous difference in the way we were able to connect. It did take a couple of tries, but our bodies grew accustomed to the support and angles. I compare the experience to driving a new car for the first time and figuring out how far to put the seat back.

Anal or Bust

Part of the reason my partner agreed to buy the Hipster was my promise to try anal sex. I was foolish to think he may have forgotten about that proposal. Funny how he can’t remember to put out the trash, but can remember the exact time and day I mentioned anal sex. Now, I’m not one to show off my large posterior, but the higher curved end of the Hipster made me feel confident in putting myself on display. The curvature offered a lot of hip support, and I was able to rest comfortably on my stomach. Being anal virgins, we had a couple of false starts, but then, the magic began to happen. I just let go and surrendered. The whole experience was very pleasurable, and anal is now one of my favorite sexual acts.

hipster10No Failure Here

Our sex life, although incredible at times, was slowly languishing and becoming routine. We both were bored of the same old position and the same old location. When we initially discussed buying a Shape, my immediate reaction was “aren’t I good enough without the help?” But after using the Hipster on a regular basis, we both came to the conclusion it was the best choice for us. Sometimes couples do need a help—not only for their confidence but for attempting positions which are normally out of reach. Really, there is no shame in adding some assistance. In fact, we’ve become better lovers just by asking for more—please!