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The final sultry days of summer are smoldering outside, at least here in the South, and your bedroom is experiencing a heat wave. After so many of those feverish nights, you might be begging for the crisp weather of fall. You can achieve those thrilling chills before the leaves turn by bringing some brrr to your playtime.

Ice cubes are a great addition to your foreplay to work a partner into a heated state, but might melt too quickly for your tastes. Instead of reaching for the freezer, take your temperature play to the next level by putting one of your favorite toys on ice.

Liberator’s wide variety of metal and glass toys, such as the Njoy Pure Wand or the hand sculpted Vincent Dildo, are ideal for raising goose bumps and sending chills down your partner’s spine. These metal and glass instruments can easily be cooled by placing the toy into a bucket of cold or ice water (but not the freezer!)


All of these metal and glass toys offer the luxury of quick and easy cleaning, and the smooth surfaces have the ability to stay frosty for an extended period of time, letting your playtime last as long as your partner can stand.

So, next time you want to turn up the heat, make steam rise by turning your toy into ice.