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We can all admit to needing some “alone time.” Even if we’re getting some action on a regular basis, there are amazing benefits to taking yourself in hand, particularly for those of the male persuasion. Masturbation can help prevent cancer, boost his immune system, and even make his penis harder and erection last longer during sex. However, there is one huge difference in how men get down by themselves as opposed to women.

Women have toys. Men are left to fend for themselves.

Sex toys are designed to enhance the pleasure of masturbation by offering new sensations that you would not experience during traditional sex. There is no end to the options for women—expertly-crafted dildos, creatively-shaped vibrators with hundreds of speeds, available in every color under the rainbow, and designs for every taste and fetish.

Untitled-1And yet the idea of a man using anything besides a bottle of lotion and a sock is often met with revulsion, distrust, and name-calling. What gives? Why would women subjugate men to the inequality they often face? Why there a huge stigma for men when women enjoy the freedom to explore their sexual sides through toys?

While this extreme reaction could come from the fact that men’s toys are a far more recent development than the vibrator, which has been around since the 1700’s, it is more likely due to the general perception in the difference between male and female orgasms. Orgasms for women take longer to achieve and involve mental stimulation as well as physical. The male orgasm is often derived from a primarily physical place and is quicker to reach. The thought process that follows this is that since women take more to orgasm, they deserve some “extra help,” while men should be content with their dominant hand. Using or needing toys is then portrayed as an emasculating because men shouldn’t need assistance or derive pleasure from anything other than their partner.

Along with this faulty logic, many male sex toys are described as “gross” or “perverted”. When male masturbation sleeves were first launched on the market, those initial products were sold as a replacement for a traditional vagina or anus, which can make a woman feel inadequate and a man feel uncomfortable.

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So, we’re going to set the record straight: a man owning a masturbation tool is completely normal. It does not make him a pervert or a sex-crazed lunatic, just as a woman is not a nymphomaniac if she owns a vibrator. Masturbation is healthy – as well as a fun experience – that is not only about reaching an orgasm, but also learning more about one’s own sexual preferences and desires in a way that cannot be recognized with another person in the mix.

Untitled-2To help with the negative stigma, the newest wave of sex toys designed for men have abandoned the idea of obscenity and purposefully chosen a look that does not blatantly mimic any orifices. Instead, these products are focused on discovering new textures and feelings that nature isn’t offering. The toys are designed to give you the already amazing benefits that masturbation already offers, plus incredible new sensations with an added boost to your endurance. These toys can even help cancer survivors or men with health issues who are able to climax during traditional masturbation.

And, as with vibrators, these tools can be used in couple’s play as well. The different textures found inside the sleeves can be manipulated through different amounts of pressure, which can be exciting for both you and your partner to play with, and these products can be a relief for women who are not fans of giving oral pleasure due to a sensitive gag reflex.

So what is the top option out there for men? We at Liberator have obviously scoured the market for the best of the best, and we are huge fans of Tenga. The innovative Japanese brand offers a wide variety of options, including one-time use Eggs, intensely stimulating Cups, and the architecturally beautiful and reusable Sleeves and Flip Holes. These products are all discrete and offer an amazing variety of textures that you have never before experienced. And while I might not have the equipment to personally judge such products, my male significant other have given Tenga a hearty two thumbs up.

Hugo Black2b7c2ce28f0c2fbfa3eaba675ec32f6aFor those out there who are looking for more intense orgasms, we recommend engaging your P-spot. The anus and prostate in men have the highest concentration of nerve endings in the male body per square inch. It’s no wonder that this is sometimes referred to as the male G-spot for its ability to produce impressive full-body orgasms.

For those who want to experience such prostate stimulation, there’s plenty of options out there for you. We recommend checking out the LELO’s Hugo. It is ergonomically shaped to suit the male body, and stimulates and delights all the key areas for impressively strong orgasms.

So, don’t be discouraged or embarrassed, fellas, and fill up your toy box with more than just items for your partner. Your favorite body part will thank you!