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Bizarre sex trends are becoming more ubiquitous these days. With the endless parade of products and celebrity sex advice columns, it’s easy to see why people get so caught up in the allure of newest sex trends. And who doesn’t want to amp up their sex life, especially when there’s a glittery vagina involved? But upgrading your sex life with bizarre sex trends can have unwanted consequences. It’s not like you’re dealing with a pair of harmless edible panties. Although most of the bizarre sex trends are relatively harmless and fun, there are a few which require some extreme caution.

Here are 5 bizarre sex trends you should probably avoid.

Bizarre Sex Trends

Vagina Lipstick

It’s safe saying that the vulva is beautiful on its own. So, that’s why we find it weird that a company is peddling a lipstick for the vagina. Although not traditional lipstick, the VMagic is designed more as a balm for your pussy lips. The company states the product is natural and organic and actually good for the vulva. Unfortunately, using any type of cosmetic on your vulva can lead to allergic reaction no matter the ingredients.

Bizarre Sex TrendsSparkle Baby!

Glitter is the herpes of the crafting world. Once you start using glitter, you can never be rid of it. Bizarre sex trends run the gamut but nothing is more disturbing than the Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules. The company that came up with this idea is recommending women slip glitter filled capsules into their who-has. Their genius selling point is the capsule is supposed to explode like a glitter confetti canon when a woman achieves orgasm.

Stealth Bomber

Stealthing has been making mainstream news as one of the most bizarre sex trends. It refers to the act of deliberately removing a condom during intercourse without the partner’s knowledge of consent. We can appreciate that some condoms may reduce sensitivity during sex. However, there are alternatives like the new LELO Hex Condom, where stealth is not required.

Bizarre Sex Trends

Bizarre Sex Trends


You gotta give Gwenyth Paltrow props for endorsing strange things about sex. But sometimes, her recommendations end up heaped with the rest of the bizarre sex trends which really piss off the experts. For example, Paltrow suggested having piping hot water vapor pumped into the vagina with the likes of a vaginal facial. She claimed the steamy douche can result in rebalancing female hormone levels making the vagina feel fresh and clean.

Sticky Situation

Bizarre sex trends come and go and we hope this particular trend never takes hold—literally. Let us introduce the Jiftip, a penis sticker that lets men seal their penis hole shut before having sex. According to the company, Jiftip is a flexible adhesive which helps contain urine and semen and is designed for conveniently replacing condoms. Their slogan “Feel your partner, Feel Freedom, Feel Safe.” If the idea of placing a sticker at the end of your cock seems like a good idea then we’ve got some vagina bombs we would like to sell you.

Bizarre Sex Trends

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