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There is a long history connecting sex with jewelry. Just like the animal kingdom, humans have been using ornamental body designs for attracting potential sexual mates. Wearing jewelry sends a strong sexual message which draws attention to certain erogenous zone. Bespoke jewelry designer, Betony Vernon understands the power associated with adorning the body. Check out her amazing collection that is meant for being worn and used for pleasure.

Betony Vernon: Paradise Found

Before founding a members-only boudoir in Paris, Betony Vernon grew up in a small Appalachian town in Virginia. Eventually, she made her way to New York City with big dreams in her heart. Living at the Chelsea Hotel exposed Betony to a variety of people and lifestyles. However; the experience was not all peaches and cream. She left New York five months later to pursue studying jewelry design. The decision changed the trajectory of her career, making her one of the most sought after jewelry designers in the world.

Flirting with Disaster

Betony Vernon is a formidable woman who enjoys the thrill of extremes. Her striking appearance is all part of her brand appeal. She knew even at an early age that she was different. Not letting a small town upbringing shape her sense of style, she was often seen around university walking her bad-ass Doberman all while wearing thigh-high boots with a butterfly knife. The persona she built throughout the years shines through her remarkable jewelry designs.

Betony Vernon

Betony Vernon

“Human sexual behavior is the point of departure for all my creations. My mission is to empower women & men to experience greater sexual pleasure.” — Betony Vernon

Sensation Seeker

Betony Vernon loves defying boundaries and breaking down sexual taboos. Described as a switch, she loves seeking personal pleasures through BDSM experiences. She’s into receiving and giving sensation while taking people places and is not afraid to go there herself. Her vast collection features items meant to adorn virtually every part of the body, while the materials are crafted to elicit a response for both the wearer and admirer.

Betony Vernon


To learn more about Betony Vernon, visit her site here.

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