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Much like pickles and ice cream, a lot of people think sex and pregnancy aren’t a good mix. Not because it’s not pleasurable, but rather, myths such as the baby can feel everything or it may harm the mother. Pish-Posh! Just because you’re knocked up does not mean you’re knocked out of contention for having mind-blowing sex. As long as there are no medical complications, couples can enjoy wild romps even up until the day your bundle of joy arrives.

preggosexOf course, there is one teeny-tiny consideration. Your ever-growing baby bump! The most common concern of expectant parents is not being able to get into a comfortable position for sex. For the first couple of months, spontaneous sexual encounters may go off without a hitch. But once your pregnancy gets past a certain point, it can be a challenge to put yourself into your usual positions. There’s no need to get bent out of shape and sign-up for a nine-month sexual sabbatical—sex while pregnant gives couples the perfect opportunity try new and exciting things in the bedroom.

Here are the top-rated sex positions which ensure a safe and gratifying love making session during pregnancy.

Ladies First

There is a reason the second trimester of pregnancy is called as the ‘honeymoon period.’ With a surge in energy and hormone levels, you will be able to take a more active role in getting your needs met. Although your partner may be a little apprehensive, it’s okay to take control of the situation with a woman on top position. You deserve a day at the rodeo! To make that happen without placing an undue pressure on your tummy or joints, use the Liberator Wedge directly under his thighs. This gives you just the right amount of height and angle to move at your own pace.  If you can, or want, lean back and rest your hands on his upper thigh and ride him in a back and forth grinding motion.

Well-conceived Plan

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but not every lady with a child wants to show off the jiggly bits. That’s why this spooning position is perfect for couples who want their bodies to remain close while experiencing body hugging, skin-to-skin contact. Termed as the ‘lazy sex position,’ this scenario requires less effort to maneuver yourself into place. Now, just because it’s labeled as lazy, does not mean you’ll have a blasé orgasm. With the help of the Liberator Decor Whirl, you will feel comfortable and supported. Simply situate this Shape between the knees and adjust to accommodate the belly. He can then slowly penetrate you from behind using an upward angle. Offering plenty of sensations, you can gyrate your hips while controlling the depth and speed. And with your legs slightly spread apart, your partner will be able to reach around an offer delightful clitoral stimulation.

Modify the Mission

Most men often get aroused by the sight of their pregnant partner. It must have something to do with masculine virility and the power of womanhood. So, why not show off what you’ve got with a remix on the missionary position? No matter how far along in pregnancy, using the Liberator Ramp will certainly amp up the sex appeal and orgasms. From the first to the third trimester, you can lie back at a safe incline while he’s at the edge of the bed. This position offers you ideal full-body support during sex. Plus, the perfectly designed slope will allow you to open the hips and legs wider without undue pressure on your lower back. This position gives him the perfect vantage point too. Versatility is key while pregnant. So, depending on your comfort level, you can easily rest your feet on his chest, stretch them out past his shoulders, or pull them closer to your body.


Sweet Incline of Mine

Don’t kick your kinks to the curb just because there’s a baby on the way. We promise, your little wonder won’t have a clue about your sexual proclivities! Couples who enjoy in bondage play can still engage in some tease & tickle even while pregnant. Exactly like the Original Ramp, the Liberator Black Label Ramp offers the required and stable support for pregnant women who want to experience one of our favorite doggy styled position. But this particular Shape has a sexy twist—restraint gear and a blindfold. If you already own this Shape and want to transform it into something kinky, you can upgrade with a Ramp Conversion Kit. Perfect for inspiring all kinds of naughty scenarios, this Ramp makes getting into the doggy position a whole lot easier. Plus, it takes the pressure off your back, even if you’re not having sex!


Expect the Unexpected

Experts claim that most pregnant women often feel intense and unpredictable arousal throughout the duration of pregnancy because of engorged genitals. Although that may sound unappealing, the fact is, all of those extra hormones and blood circulating through the body can create an extremely sensitive clitoris, which then creates moments of insatiable urges, especially when you least expect it. However, the irony of it all is that the clitoris can be hard to reach with a baby belly in the way. The Liberator Pulse offers pregnant women a solution for getting instant satisfaction and orgasmic gratification. This Shape can be straddled using your favorite vibe. And its curved design makes getting into any position a whole lot easier. This is one item you may want to put on your baby shower gift list.


Bonus Points!

There’s a huge myth that’s been around for ages. Until most recently, doctor’s have proclaimed any type of oral sex should never be performed on a pregnant woman. This is partly due to the fact that any air blown into the vagina may cause issues. Blowing bubbles aside, experts say, (external) oral sex is a safe and a practical form of sexual expression. So when you’re feeling too weary for intercourse, oral sex is a convenient option. To make this source of sexual pleasure more agreeable, try incorporating the Liberator Esse Chaise into your arsenal of good taste. You can lie back and take it all in as your partner attends to every need and desire. When the fun is done, allow him to follow-up with a tantalizing and relaxing foot massage.



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