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When setting out on your first anal sex adventure it’s important to have the proper gear. Luckily, anal sex toys for beginners have come a long way. No longer weird looking novelty items, curious beginners can now start customizing the experience. There is a shit-ton (no pun intended) of available anal sex toys for beginners ranging from butt plugs to prostate stimulators to probes to strap-ons dildos. But don’t let overwhelm you. As ass play connoisseurs, we’re here to help you take the guesswork out of which anal sex toys for beginners are best.

Explore our Top 10 Anal Sex Toys for Beginners and start fulfilling your naughty wishlist.

Recreational Equipment

The Sinclair Institute Deluxe Silicone Dilator Set helps gradually relax and train the anal muscles, which is great for anal play beginners. We recommend starting with the smallest piece and working your way to the largest. The smooth silky silicone quickly warms up to your body temperature and makes the experience feel like the real deal.

Plug Away

Butt plugs are the classic of anal sex toy. Not only are they straightforward to use, they also provide just the right amount of stimulation. The cool thing about butt plugs is you don’t have to do anything but slide it in. You can go from a simple plug like the b-Vibe snug plug, which is great for anal newbies to the more advanced heavyweight, advanced version, the b-Vibe snug plug 3.

Anal Decor

We love the Diogol Anni Round Fun anal plug not just because of its dainty size but also because it’s a fun way of adding shimmer and shine to your anal play. The cool thing about this anal sex toy is it gives couples a chance to explore temperature play. Made from smooth, flawless surgical aluminum, the Anni plug can be heated with warm water or kept on ice.

Chain Reaction

We know anal play beginners can be a little shy. That’s why we selected the Sono No. 28 Anal Bead Chain as one of the top 10 best anal sex toys for beginners. A perfect alternative to plugs and vibes, this flexible silicone anal toy lets couples ease into the idea of anal play. We recommend starting with one bead and working your way up the chain for a more fuller feeling experience.

From Tip to Tail

For most anal sex beginners, it can be difficult getting over the anxiety of penetration. So, instead of pushing things too far, you can start off with a gentle massage using the Aneros Tempo. This multi-tiered anal sex toy lets couples take things step-by-step. We love how the smooth and rounded stainless steel tip works for gently coaxing the rosebud.

Manual Overdrive

Don’t let the looks of the Oxballs Finger Fuck Glove scare you away from trying anal sex. This special “love glove” has everything you’ll need for playing around the back door. For beginners, we suggest starting with the pinky appendage. The raised textured surface offers a unique sensation and lets your lover manual control speed and depth of entry.

Smooth as Silk

When it comes to the top 10 anal sex toys for beginners, we really have not talked much about vibration. Unlike larger anal or prostate vibrators designed for more advanced users, the FemmeFun Vibrating Anal Beads are the ideal shape and size for curious beginners. We took this baby for a test drive and discovered the bendable construction lets you tailor the insertion and removal. Plus, the vibration adds a whole new level of pleasure.

Sized Just Right

We-Vibe has truly got some brainy people developing new sex toy technology. And now with the Ditto, anal play beginners can experience vibrating plug and play pleasure. The Ditto’s smaller size makes it easier to insert while the flexible neck makes it long-term wear during sex comfortable. Another cool option is this anal sex toy has a robust vibration that can be controlled via remote or the We-Connect App.

Just for Starters

Okay, we’ve covered plugs, vibes, fuck gloves, and massagers as part of our roundup of anal sex toys for beginners. But what about pegging play? Not wanting to leave out curious strap-on enthusiasts, we found the Tantus Starter an ideal toy. This anal sex toy is harness compatible and offers couples the chance for more daring exploration. Not too big and not too small, it has a smooth, yet defined head which helps provide more stimulation.

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