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Aristotle once suggested the brain was the “moistest” organ in the body and therefore susceptible to the influences of the moon. And what better way to kicking off the new year than with a Full Wolf Moon. If the moon does indeed have the power to influence us into having more sex—then 2018 will be filled with all kinds of magical sex. So, for anyone who believes in the magic of the moon, it’s quite possible your 2018 sex horoscope is off to an auspicious start.

Here’s Your 2018 Sex Horoscope

2018 Sex HoroscopeAries

Just like the full moon, your sexual desire will be shining brightly all year long. You’re all about the chase and the first phase of 2018 will yield an intense and passionate sexual affair. Of course, wanting what you can’t have makes the venture all more exciting. Your 2018 sex horoscope predicts a year filled with being teased, led and challenged in the bedroom. Don’t be shy about conquering something new in the bedroom and enjoy having wild and hot rides at night.


2018 Sex HoroscopeTaurus

A new moon also means new beginnings. Your 2018 sex horoscope predicts that you will be surrounded by things that bring you joy. Take this year for enjoying the finer things in life like good food, sex, and music.  Because you’re a traditional romantic at heart, there will be lots of dinner dates, roses and plenty of orgasmic fun in the bedroom. But remember to stop and smell the roses. Let your lover take the reigns every once and a while.


2018 Sex HoroscopeGemini

Your 2018 sex horoscope looks extremely promising! For the first time in a while, you’ll have the golden opportunity for freely expressing your more erotic side. You know—that sexy librarian fantasy you’ve kept tucked away inside. It’s time to let it all hang out. Getting out of your head will be essential for exploring all things erotic this year. You’ll find the perfect partner who will know exactly how to draw you out into a space that keeps the brain sharp and the body on edge.


2018 Sex HoroscopeCancer

You’ve had a good run in 2017. Although your 2018 sex horoscope may be off to a slow start it does not mean there’s no adventure in store for you. Your big-hearted ways are about to lead you in an entirely new direction with an unexpected chance encounter with someone very special. In the meantime, spruce up your pleasure chest and pick up a few sex toys you find intriguing. It’s time to let go of the old memories and embrace your more nurturing and erotic side.


2018 Sex HoroscopeLeo

As a fire sign, you’re larger than life in the bedroom, and for good reason too. Your sexual energy is magnetic and 2018 will draw a bevy of potential lovers willing to do anything for your attention. Of all the signs, you are mostly focused on pleasure seeking. This year, savor the process and stay in the moment while making love. It may not be easy, but try to keep your pants on before rushing into anything hot and heavy.


2018 Sex HoroscopeVirgo

We see oodles and oodles of sex for your 2018 sex horoscope. This is partly due to the fact you are so good at understanding the needs of your partner and making things feel smooth and exciting in the bedroom. It’s all part of the Virgo masterplan of making everyone happy. Even though that offers you a lot of joy, it also creates a lot of frustration too. 2018 is primetime for adding meaning to your sex life by strengthing the bonds you have with yourself. Make this year about having the orgasms first.


2018 Sex HoroscopeLibra

Nothing gives you greater pleasure than sharing the same intense feelings with another. Get your passport ready because your 2018 sex horoscope has you living large this year. You are going to have a great time finding the right lover who knows exactly how to rock your boat. You’ll have no problem attracting someone who is on the same sexual level and is not shy about trying new things—there is perhaps some swinging happening in the near future.


2018 Sex HoroscopeScorpio

Intense is an understatement when it comes to describing your 2018 sex horoscope. You are definitely the most amorous of signs which often scares off potential lovers. A rule of thumb when dealing with a Scorpio is not taking bedroom dalliances with them lightly. You are naturally a possessive lover and have a tendency for control in life and love. Lighten up a little this year by mixing in something extra kinky with your normal routine.


2018 Sex HoroscopeSagittarius

The full moon has inspired you to have more fun this year. Hey, variety is the spice of the Sagittarian life! Your 2018 sex horoscope will allow for more space and time for letting the adventurer in you out of the box. This year will be filled with huge thrills and excitement as long as you’re willing to let go of inhibitions. Don’t be afraid of letting your hair down, especially with friends and lovers who truly see your sex god or goddess.



2018 Sex HoroscopeCapricorn

Out of all the zodiac signs, you are the most dedicated when it comes to sex, love, and relationships. And as a result, you end of giving way too much of yourself in the bedroom without asking for anything in return. Your 2018 sex horoscope is about to change all that though. This year reveals that there will be a twist in roles. You’re going to start taking more control over what gives you pleasure. And because achieving your personal best also includes orgasms, it’s time to add something extra to your sex life like a heated sex toy.


2018 Sex HoroscopeAquarius

Because you’re a natural intellectual, you’re creative in life and love and sex. Your imagination in the bedroom is key to opening new doors of erotic pleasure and your 2018 sex horoscope we see tons of sparks. This year you will thrive on having unexpected adventures. It’s important that you get to do your own thing in life, and while this may mean looking for independence in your relationships, it does not necessarily mean no cuddling when prompted.


2018 Sex HoroscopePisces

2017 had you reeling with a bunch of feelings and mixed emotions on love. Part of it was your tendency in seeing the best in others while getting completely caught up in the fantasy version. Your 2018 horoscope looks like there’s a huge shift in the way you interact with your partner. It’s time for turning the tables and letting your partner love you in ways that will sometimes make you feel vulnerable. Letting the right one in means having to put your guard down every once and a while.