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Womanizer has done it again! When I thought they could do no better, they go ahead and surprise me with the Womanizer 2GO. The world’s most popular clitoral stimulator has a fresh new design and is perfect for taking your orgasms on the road.

Womanizer 2Go

Comparatively, the Womanizer 2GO has completely evolved from its original bulky, flying saucer design to being a streamlined sex machine. I love the lightweight and discreet shape of the new Womanizer 2GO. The new look reminds me of the retro Chanel No. 5 travel perfume bottles. Instead of being black and gold, the Womanizer 2GO is colorful and fun with an adorable lipstick shape inside. If someone happens to peek inside your purse, they will be none the wiser as to the sexy stash.

Shaped for Everybody

Unlike many lipstick shades, the Womanizer 2GO is made to fit anyone. They provide two size silicone heads—one smaller and one larger—so you can find the perfect seal around your clitoris. I tried using the smaller silicone head and noticed a huge difference in the suction. It felt tighter around my clitoris and delivered super intense sensations. The larger nub gave me a different, more subtle sensation. You can really customize the experience from understated to unstoppable.

One Touch and You’re Off

You would think that something so compact would not have much power. I think we’ve all been burned on a bullet vibe that didn’t quite rocket us to the stars. Much like the original, the 2Go will take you over the moon with lightening fast pleasure.

Curious about its settings, I cycled through by depressing the button a total 6 times. Each press offered more Pleasure-Air Technology® suction, and it is one of the few toys I have used where I don’t feel the need to max it out. I recommend using the Womanizer slightly above the clit for first-time users, though. It can be intense and the sensations are unlike other toys so you might not be prepared. The Womanizer 2GO was not only quick to start but extremely quiet. The power button which lies just under the base is easy to locate.

Discreet Travel & Beyond

A lot of companies are getting on the travel-friendly bandwagon. The problem, though, is they still look like sex toys. The Womanizer 2GO is packaged to look exactly like a cosmetic brand which is great for whizzing by TSA. You can also leave it on your bedside table without drawing attention.

It’s small size also makes it perfect for use with a partner. Bulky toys can really impare you two getting close, but with this petite powerhouse between you, nothing will stop your mind-blowing orgasms.

Going Multiple

The Womanizer 2GO really does provide intense and quick orgasms. What I really enjoyed with this particular model is the tapered lipstick shape. I don’t know if it’s because of the tear-drop design, but I experienced a series of really quick and powerful orgasm.

Out of all the Womanizer’s I currently own, this baby is by far my favorite!


  • Gorgeous, discreet case and packaging.
  • Small enough for a makeup case and easy for travel.
  • Quiet and powerful for fast, intense orgasms.
  • Awesome tapered head for a unique feeling.


  • USB charging at the base.
  • May be tempted to start masturbating everywhere!