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OMG! Zalo has just tapped into the heart of inner-teenager. The release of their soft, delicate line of vibes, massagers, G-spot & clitoral stimulators has ladies like me swooning. What stands out the most among the line is the Zalo Queen G-Spot PulseWave Vibrator. The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she would become my new BFF. A vibrator full of hope and one that embodies the self-love we are all craving.

Zalo Queen G-spot Pulsewave Vibe
Zalo Queen with PulseWave Technology


The Zalo Queen is not your typical vibrator. I felt conflicted — taking her out of the box would ruin the value like one of those holiday barbies. But keeping her in, I would not be able to experience her full potential. Flipping open the box, I immediately my fingers across her contours, the smooth silicone texture, and structured design made me giddy. Really, I don’t believe there is any other soft vibe like her. Every element of this vibe screams decadence. From the golden snake wrapped around her handle to the sparkling Swarovski crystal accenting her curves to the illuminating green half moons when the unit is running. Zalo has perfected the concept of combining art with pleasure in a truly inventive way.


I am so pleased with the Zalo packaging. But packaging does not always make for the best product. It’s what’s inside that matters most. Zalo has upped the ante with the form and function of the Queen. They produced a sex toy that is not entirely “girly” looking. Instead, the Queen is the embodiment of power and comes in 3 distinct, deep-rich, regal colors. Zalo gets extra points for the added details like including two sachets of water-based lube, a silky-soft travel pouch, an embossed warranty card, the magnetic USB charging cable and most importantly an instruction manual! These extra touches add to the refinement of the Zalo product line.

Zalo Queen G-spot Pulsewave Vibe
Zalo Queen with Silicone Sleeve


Time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Word to the wise: Please read the instruction manual before playing. You will thank me later!

Acquainting yourself with the instructions is vital in getting to know the Zalo Queen G-Spot PulseWave Vibe. She has unique features that are not available on most sex toys–17 in all in fact. One would automatically assume the base button on the handle activates the unit, but instead, it activates on the heating mechanism–which was a pleasant surprise. The actual operating buttons are A and a B which are located opposite one another in the curve of the serpent. The little crystal is there just for decoration. The A button turns the unit off and on as well as increasing the speed. The B button lets you cycle through the mode options.


  • 8 PulseWave modes
  • 8 vibration modes
  • Heating function warms to 104-degrees F – NICE TOUCH
  • Includes suction sleeve – turns the Queen into a clit sucking machine
  • Downloadable ZALO app remote control (Apple and Android)
  • Body safe and very silky Dow Corning silicone
Zalo Queen G-spot Pulsewave Vibe
Zalo Queen Set

A is for APP

I’m not going to go much into the App. I have a thing about bringing my mobile phone to bed. It’s kind of gross getting lube and sex juices all over the screen. Another reason why I won’t use sex toy Apps is someone could be tracking my masturbation data. Personally, I think Apps are kind of trendy. But if you are keen on using the Zalo Queen G-Spot PulseWave Vibe App, they make it easy to download on your iPhone or Android device. There are extra bells and whistles too when it comes to using the APP. The vibrator connects to your device via Bluetooth and will work within the space of which Bluetooth reaches. So, your partner could sit and a chair and control the vibe while watching you play.


The positive thing about the Zalo Queen is you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. It provides both clitoral and G-Spot stimulation. The slightly curved and bulbous head makes switching between external and internal pleasure super easy. The head of the unit fits nicely inside the vagina and makes locating the G-Spot a comfortable and fun experience. The PulseWave technology is emitted through the head of the vibe and is powerful. I achieved an incredible orgasm simply by using the head against my G-spot and pressing slightly upward. I loved the feeling of using just the tip.

Zalo Queen G-spot Pulsewave Vibe

The Zalo Queen is designed for clitoral stimulation too. I applied the head of the unit directly on my clit and let it do all the work. You have the option of moving it around, but I’m lazy so the PulseWave worked perfectly. I noticed too the harder you press it against your body, the more intense the sensations. The unit does not lose any power.

Here’s an added bonus! The Zalo Queen G-Spot PulseWave Vibe comes with an odd looking silicone sleeve. For a newcomer, it would probably be confusing seeing an extra piece of silicone in your box. But I assure you, it does have a purpose. The extra silicone turns the Zalo Queen G-Spot PulseWave Vibe into the ultimate clit sucking machine. See, the best of worlds!

Zalo Queen G-spot Pulsewave Vibe
All the elements of pleasure!

Simply slide the sleeve (with a little lube) onto the unit with the circular opening on top of the pulsing head. Lay back and position the Zalo Queen silicone circle either directly onto your clit or just above. Turn on the unit, find your setting and get ready to blast off. An instant clit sucking machine, the vibe can have you climaxing within 30 seconds. (I know…I timed myself).

Zalo Queen G-spot Pulsewave Vibe


Like any new product, the Zalo Queen G-Spot PulseWave Vibe does have a few quirks. But nothing that is a deal breaker. The vibration unit needs some additional refinement and power upgrade. Don’t get me wrong, this is an exceptional sex toy, but the vibration needs more oomph!

Also, ergonomics need some tweaking. Yes, the Zalo Queen has grooves in the handle that make gripping easy. But switching between vibration modes (A & B buttons) feels awkward. Perhaps the next iteration will have raised or embossed buttons, making it easier to operate. Adding just a teensy bit more curve to the head would also be easier for women with shorter arms able to reach better.

Zalo Queen G-spot Pulsewave Vibe


Although fairly new science, the PulseWave technology in sex toys is here to stay. And every day it gets better. But what does PulseWave really mean? And what is the difference with vibration.

My understanding of PulseWave technology is that it goes deeper into the tissue–almost like a sonic wave and provides a resonate sensation. More rumbling than buzzing. Plus, PulseWave is great for people who don’t like moving a toy around the body. It’s has a directed energy that is both pleasurable and climatic.

The Zalo Queen also includes a vibration setting. It does add some extra power in combination with the PulseWave, but it can result in overstimulation. The vibration does encompass the whole unit and is not that powerful. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give the vibration performance a 4. But the PulseWave gets a solid 8. The Zalo Queen has the same modes of most common vibes—that is if you use it manually. The App, however, gives you a few more options.


Rumor has it that Cleopatra used gourds filled with angry bees to achieve orgasm. Imagine being a poor servant coaxing bees into a hollow gourd and then shaking it violently to get them buzzing. But how much of that is true is anyone’s guess. Sounds more sensational than realistic.

If Queen Cleopatra were alive today, I believe she would be honored in the representation of this vibe. It’s not your average sex toy with clever marketing. It’s a product designed for all women from beginner to more advanced enthusiasts. Plus, the price point makes it affordable for all.

Overall, the Zalo Queen G-Spot PulseWave Vibe is well worth investing in your self-pleasure.

Zalo Queen G-spot Pulsewave Vibe


  • Amazingly smooth and soft silicone
  • Color selection. You can choose between deep green, wine or purple
  • Lovely design features
  • Strong PulseWave sensation for intense clitoral or G-spot orgasms
  • Extra silicone sleeve turns unit into a clit sucking device
  • Lightweight and truly whisper-quiet
  • Nice gift-giving packaging. Come with extra nice goodies
  • Great sex toy for beginners and advanced users
  • App offers advanced settings


  • Buttons are hard to locate
  • Typical vibration modes found in other vibes
  • Needs work on the ergonomics
  • May not be powerful enough for some users
  • Magnetic USB cord detaches easy
Zalo Queen G-spot Pulsewave Vibe

Purchase the Zalo Queen here.