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I am quite enthralled with New York Toy Collective dildos. As a queer, vagina-owning human who regularly uses dildos on myself and others (not to mention enjoys watching others playing with them) I have hit the dildo jackpot with New York Toy Collective. They are my newest sex toy obsession.

The New York Toy Collective Carter dildo is honestly quite big. When first coming into contact with it, I was slightly hesitant because of the sheer size. Thinking to myself “I haven’t had a penis that large in years.” But the reason I am obsessed with New York Toy Collectives Carter Dildo is it proved every one of my initial misgivings wrong. A little bit of lube and the Carter felt extremely natural, unlike most dildos of its size. With other dildos, I feel like I’m being jammed, poked and prodded with a huge hard plastic shaft. The New York Toy Collective Carter is easily incorporated into your sexual experience while enhancing it at the same time.

A New York Love Story: Chase & Brianna & Carter

New York Toy CollectiveMy chosen family and I regularly gather to hang out, socialize, and play (everything from Bananagrams to kinky dungeon play).

It’s New Year’s Eve. It’s below freezing outside and I’m in a cuddle puddle laughing with all of my friends when someone refers to Chase as “The Silver Stallion.” People start sharing stories about their adventures with the Silver Stallion. It’s obvious everyone else but myself is cued in on this inside joke. Apparently, Chase earned this little nickname because of the size and girth of his penis. I chime in that I had never had the pleasure of seeing his penis, and the group went silent.

“Literally everyone has seen Chase’s penis.”

“That isn’t possible.” A discord of disbelief rippled throughout the group. Breasts bounced, jaws dropped.

Chase asked me if I was serious. I confirmed that “I’ve never seen your penis.” He said, we needed to fix this problem, but that it would have to wait until next year. (It was NYE, after all.)

Getting Dressed

The clock struck midnight, bottles of Champagne popped. I ran upstairs, threw off my clothes and prepared. If Chase was about to show me his “Silver Stallion” I could at least return the favor. I start sifting through my toy bag. Sifting through two hundred feet of rope, a violet wand, a multitude of butt plugs later, I grasp my harness and the New York Toy Collective Carter Dildo.

I slip my legs through the harness and fasten the dildo appropriately to my body. The Carter, in all of its glory, waving hello to the bystanders watching my transformation. There is a beauty in having a posable dildo that I can position in any way I please. I bend the dildo downwards so it appears to be naturally hanging. The Carter has quickly made every other dildo I’ve ever experienced fall by the wayside. It instills confidence.

New York Toy CollectiveThe unveiling is about to happen. Chase is calling from the bottom of the stairwell, asking me if I am ready. I enthusiastically consent and patiently wait at the top of the stairs, hands on hips, looking majestic and well-hung thanks to Carter, my new partner in sexual experiences.

New York Toy Collective Carter Makes his Debut

It is the first dildo I’ve found that feels truly lifelike. Chase emerges in all of his glory in some fantastic crotchless underwear exposing me to the reason why he is called the “Silver Stallion.” And it was glorious! Mission accomplished! I am no longer the only person in my group of friends who hasn’t seen Chase’s penis! I literally jumped for joy, with my Carter dildo bouncing in-suit.

Chase and his partner Brianna are now enthralled by what is hanging between my legs. They ask if they can touch and fondle the Carter. “Please do!” I said. They are both oohing and ahhing over the Carter.

“It’s so big yet so soft and squishy.”

“Oh my goodness, it bends. Chase, this would hit my G-spot perfectly,” says Brianna.

It was clear that Chase and Brianna were excited about Carter and decided that they wanted one too.

“If you guys tell me all about it afterward, and use a condom, you can try out this one out before committing to buying it,” I quipped.

Chase and Brianna’s eyes lit up. They kissed me as I relinquished the New York Toy Collective dildo and watched them giddily run off to peg each other with the Carter.

The Morning After

I woke up on New Year’s morning and crawled out of the cuddle puddle. Gently sweeping the sleep from my eyes, I awoke to a clean harness and dildo laying on top of my toy bag. Chase and Brianna were entangled in slumbering bliss nearby.

A few days later I received a phone call from Chase. He was asking for a link to the Carter so that he could buy it for himself. He gushed about how using a dildo that felt so lifelike. He said it was like the perfect balance of soft and hard, allowing some give and a lot of pleasure.


About our Contributor:

Rella is a queer, polyamorous, vagina-owning, sex-positive human. She is involved in the local BDSM and Kink communities and often finds herself pushing the boundaries of societal norms.