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MysteryVibeWritten by Stephanie Alys, Co-founder of MysteryVibe

A personalized necklace, a wine glass with your name on it, a custom sex toy in your favorite colors—there’s something special about a gift that’s made specifically for you. Naturally, when it comes to sex and your relationships, personalization is even more valuable.

Whilst personalization in the bedroom has traditionally been limited to different tasting lube and condoms, a revolution in the truly personal is now taking place. Sex toys that can adapt to your body, learn your preferences, and is made to your specifications are now becoming available. The key message behind this growing trend is simple; personalization is the way forward.


Reason’s to Personalize

There are many reasons why personalization in the bedroom, especially with sex toys, is not only better for your sex life but incredibly important. For a starter, people have different tastes and desires, so what works for you might not work for someone else. An adaptable toy gives you the freedom to choose how you use it every single time you play—the choice is truly yours.

Molded for Every Body

The ability to play and explore with toys that are moldable means you can find spots you never knew existed or that you just couldn’t get to before. Exploring in this way opens you up to learning new things about your body which can only be a good thing. With a traditional static vibrator, you are instantly limited with what you can do. Being able to manipulate a toy in any way allows you to play, explore, experiment and ultimately find a better fit; the perfect excuse to take some time off for yourself.

Shape Shifting

People introduce toys into their sex lives for many different reasons, from wanting time to themselves, to taking sex with a partner to the next level, to bringing intimacy back into the relationship. What’s great about body-adaptable toys is that there’s no limit to when, where or how you use them. In the mood for taking your time? Change the shape or direction to suit your mood or those of your partners. Gentle or racing to climax? The choice is yours depending on how you feel.

Embrace the Change

Body-adaptable sex toys are revolutionizing the bedroom in more ways than just moulding to your and your partners’ moods. Older sex toys often fell into clearly defined brackets; vibrators for women, cock-rings and butt-plugs for men. This archaic dichotomy is blown away with the latest body-adapting sex toys. They truly embrace diversity and can be used by any gender or sexuality. Starting the conversation is the first hurdle, and the possibility of having a body-adaptable sex toy is a strong step towards overcoming that hurdle.

Being Creative

Further, whilst most sex toys come with a user guide, the very nature of a toy that is body-adaptable means you can be as creative as you like. There’s no limit to what you can do and there’s no one who can tell you what you shouldn’t be doing. We suggest 20 positions and ways you can use our product as a starting point, but we want people to be as creative as they like. How you use a body-adaptable sex toy should be dependent on your own personal situation.
Introducing the unpredictable adds a dash of mystery to spice up your bedroom and reach new heights of pleasure. As we progress, we hope people will be able to suggest new settings or even connect with other apps in the bedroom to create a wholly personalized experience. This, we think, is the future of the bedroom.

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