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The holiday’s are upon us—and hopefully you’ll be upon someone else during this time of giving. If you’re celebrating with someone new, or unwrapping each other for the hundredth time, our sex position guide will instantly Lift your holiday spirit. We’ve made a list, and you’re welcome to check it twice. Whether you two a naughty or nice, there’s treats for in the sack for everyone.

Santa’s Little Helper


Alright boys, quit moaning about being “big” enough and start to think small; try imitating elves and have sex on your knees. A little pocket rocket vibrator can provide the her with some elfin magic. It’s going to be a busy a very night. So be prepared to unleash a previously unknown elf fetish!

Down the Chimney Tonight

lift7With all the Christmas songs and stories involving chimneys, no Christmas sex position portfolio would be complete without one involving your partner’s pipe. Firstly, you’ll need to sport a St. Nick’s outfit, and then, with her lying forward, you gently ease your package inside. Besides all the other sensations going on, the visual excitement may cause a rush delivery. So, take your time.

The Stocking Stuffer


This crafty sex position combines three Lifts and sex in close quarters. Offering the ideal amount of closeness and friction she will have all control of depth and speed. Just remember the phrase “you would even say it glows” applies less to Rudolph’s nose and more toward the after-play for this one.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

lift8The power of this position needs no excuses, but it it sure heats things up when it is chilly outside. Definitely for those looking to spark something deeply profound, the thrust of this movement makes even the smallest flurry feel like a avalanche.

The Nutcracker Sweet


Explore Santa’s workshop with gusto in this position. Maybe even get a feel of his warm chestnuts—no cracker required. With your bottom poised in the air and your weight on the Wedge, you have plenty of room to discover his North Pole.

Island of Misfit Toys


We like to think all toys are wanted, but sometimes they are just out of place in a twosome. That’s why this position is great. It leaves room for vibes off all sizes and shapes. With him standing and his partner poised on the Wedge/Ramp Combo, there is plenty of room for your polka dot elephant, or whatever your favorite toy may be.

Not so Silent Night


Nothing keeps your star shining bright like the major eye contact you get from this position. With the Lifts providing a soft platform will feel like you are soaring through the sky on Santa’s sleigh. Don’t be a Dasher, though. Imitate his more graceful brother, Dancer.