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I dated this guy once and we used to rent cheap motel rooms on Friday nights and practice the art of spanking, and, of course, sex. We were young and did not have the money for proper spanking implements. So, being ingenious young adults, we relied on a host of DIY bondage gear like belts and straps. Fast forward 25 years later. Although I have gotten over the relationship, I never seemed to shake those weekend-long kinky experiences. Needless to say, I’ve spanked them all—leather, plastic, wood and whatever was laying around at the moment.

Tickled Kink

Which brings me to the new Tantus Tawse Collection. Tantus is known for their high-quality silicone sex toys and anal plugs. But recently, they released a new line of ‘corporal punishment’ implements. At first glance, the Tantus Tawse looks stark and foreboding. Once you touch them, however, you get a feel for the substantial design and high-grade silicone. The Tantus Tawse Collection feels soft and not as rigid or intimidating as one would find in leather products.

What is a Tawse?

Let’s take a brief pause and take a look at what defines a tawse. The tawse has a long-running history and was used as a corporal punishment tool is the Scottish public school system until 1987. It is simply a heavy leather strap with a split down the center which allowed for a double striking surface. I bet they had a lot of naughty students back then!

Tantus Tawse CollectionThe Tantus Tawse Collection

First off, a tawse is going to provide a completely different sensation than a paddle, cane or flogger. In addition, leather versus silicone also varies the sensation a lot too. Here is the breakdown of the new Tantus Tawse Collection.

Trip 2 Tawse

Tantus is really committed to their quality. I have yet to see any of their products fall short of my expectations. I really enjoyed using Trip 2 Tawse for several reasons:

  • Easy to grip, textured handle that can double as a dildo.
  • Lightweight and easy to wield.
  • Single split design offers more bark than bite.
  • Great implement for beginners.
  • Silicone is really thick and durable.
  • Sting scale 1 to 10: 6
  • It’s a little more floppy than a typical leather tawse.

Tantus Tawse CollectionTantus Tawse It Overboard

For anyone looking for high impact sensation, the Tantus Tawse it Overboard is up to the task. Although not my favorite of the two, this tawse packs a powerful punch for its size.

  • Textured handle doubles as a dildo.
  • Split into 4 strips that leave delicious welts on your bottom.
  • Recommended for more advanced BDSM enthusiasts.
  • Tawse tips can be used for teasing the nipple or genitals.
  • Thick, supple silicone and not as floppy at the Trip 2 Tawse.
  • Sting scale 1 to 10: 9
  • Produces a sensational “thwack” sound!

Tantus Tawse CollectionBonus Product: Tantus Hurra Cane

There is caning, and then there is caning with silicone. The Tantus Hurra Cane is unique, to say the least. It’s a great alternative to bamboo, acrylic, or plastic canes and lets you play around without worrying about sharp edges.

  • The textured handle makes it easy to grip.
  • Great bondage toy for beginners.
  • Single tail silicone whip design.
  • Great for warming up a scene.
  • Sting scale 1 to 10: 5

As with any silicone sex toy, the Tantus Tawse Collection will require a little care and upkeep. Whenever you’re done playing with them, be sure to wash them off and hang dry. Silicone can get brittle if you don’t care for it—so please, do not use silicone lubes or harsh chemicals. There is a handy hole drilled at the top of the handle which lets you hang them in a discreet hiding place to keep them clean and allow for easy drying.

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