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Looks can be deceiving. Take me for instance. I’m an ordinary woman who happens have an extraordinary job. Perhaps it’s the consistent smile on my face, but else nothing screams satisfied sex toy tester. Now take the Je Joue Mimi Soft. Although it appears more like a Pet Rock, it’s a serious contender within the compact vibrator category. Moral of the story: Never judge a sex toy by its looks.

Packaged Just Right

boxBefore we move to the meat of the subject, let me introduce you to Je Joue. This sexy U.K. import offers a variety of toys geared for men and women. What I like about Je Joue is their attention to detail, including the double layered packaging. Opening the box felt much like an event in itself. Housed inside is a separate textured black box which houses the Mimi. Then deep inside is space for the magnetic charger and owner’s guide.

Beyond Aesthetics

I have tested a lot of sex toys. Some look very nice but fall flat in performance, while others appear unremarkable but work very well. The Mimi Soft is a prime example of when form meets function. For starters, the outer silicone material feels amazingly smooth and does not have any distinct seams. Just running my fingers tips across its body gives me warm tingles all over. Weighing less than a few ounces, the Mimi fit in the palm of my hand, making it easy to maneuver.

English-JE-JOUE-MiMi-Emily-female-masturbation-frequency-vibration-waterproof-mute-appeal-TiaodanDesigned with Style

The Mimi is shaped much like a flattened egg. But here’s the secret—the tip of the Mimi Soft is comprised of layers of silicone and flexes to the touch. It’s a lot like having a lover’s fingertip caress the most delicate parts of my body.

Get Your Motor Running

No matter if you’re new to using a sex toy or an advanced power queen, the Mimi has something for everyone. The flared base of the Mimi houses three buttons. Depress the + button for three seconds and turn the Mimi on. This same button is used to increase its speed up to 5 times. Select – button and turn the Mimi off or decrease the intensity. The middle (~) button lets you cycle through seven available patterns. The outer silicone shell helps muffle the motor but does not so much at a higher speed.

Here’s a sampling of the seven patterns. Mix that with any speed for a customized experience.

  1. Steady vibe
  2. Pulsating vibes
  3. Rollercoaster- revving up and down
  4. Revving up with short pauses
  5. Quick pulses
  6. Quicker pulses
  7. Pulses with pauses in-between

A Few of My Favorite Things

When it comes to testing vibes, I look for versatility. The Mimi Soft offers women a chance to experience different levels of stimulation. For instance, the flat side massages larger erogenous zones like nipples or the outer vulva and helps build arousal. Once you’re at the point of needing more, simply flip it towards the tip and use it near or directly on the clitoris. To create a more intensity, press your finger into the tip of the vibe for more pressure.


Overall Thoughts

The Je Joue Mimi Soft has all the makings of a great vibrator. Here are some of the highlights I experienced while testing the Mimi Soft.

  • Its lightweight structure is great for women with smaller hands.
  • Can be used for gentle massage or quick orgasms.
  • Its waterproof design makes bath time feel like a visit to the spa.
  • My partner loved using it on me during foreplay.
  • Houses a very powerful vibrator. Start slow and build from there.
  • The silky smooth texture feels realistic against bare skin.
  • Packs light. My go-to sex toy for travel.