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Liberator was kind enough to send me the Wing, a combination dildo mount, vibrating pillow, and sex cushion, and I am in love.

A little bit about it: The Wing is a fairly stiff cushion covered in microfiber.  It has two pockets: a deep one for dildos, and a horizontal one for vibrators.  The cover can be removed for washing.

What I loved: Holy moly. I knew when I looked at the Wing, I was probably going to like it, but I didn’t think I would be absolutely in love with it. If I had known of it’s existence, I probably would have tried to get my hands on it sooner. It is my new favorite thing.


As a sex cushion, it does an amazing job at doggy style.  I can lay my torso along the length of it (so my body is parallel to it), and rest there, while my hips are still high enough for receiving.  It’s also fantastic for man-on-top, as I can lay on my back but tuck it under my hips, raising me up slightly.  This position allows my partner to hit me just right and gives me fantastic G-spot orgasms

As a toy mount, it is no less spectacular.  When using a dildo on the top side, I can adjust the angle and the cushion will hold the dildo in place so I can fully customize the exact angle of entry.  I can then lean forward, and either grip the cushion, or rest my whole torso on it, allowing me to ride the toy however I’m in the mood (or have energy) for.

On the other side of the cushion is a pocket that runs horizontally.  You can place straight-ish vibrators in there and cause the whole cushion to vibrate.  I, however, like to put the vibrator in and leave a good deal of it hanging out.  Then I can lay across the pillow and have the exposed portion of the vibrator rest against my clitoris.

What I didn’t: The one and only thing I didn’t like about the Wing is that although I followed the washing instructions for the cover, it shrank slightly.  Not so much that I couldn’t get it on the pillow again, but definitely a little harder than the first time.  I dried it on low, but I think next time I need to use the extra low or air dry setting.  I suggest you do the same.

Final thought: The Wing runs at about the $100 mark, and in my opinion, totally and completely worth it.  If something were to happen to mine, I would pretty much immediately want another one.  It is currently my favorite position pillow.