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spreaderbar_onwhite_blacknocuffs_900x545Today I walked into the garage to start working out!  It is about time because I need to stay in shape with all of my wife activities she has going on.  I looked in the corner and saw his cool new roll, you know the roll that goes underneath the leg to help stretch you out with.  So I take it into the house and sat down on the living room floor with it and placed it under my right thigh to stretch out the hamstring with it.  Ahh, that felt good, after working both of my thighs with it I then moved it to the lower part of my back.  I rolled back and forth, up and down and could not believe this feels so go.  My wife walked in and said to me, “I see you found the spreader.”  The spreader I said to myself asking her, “what do you mean?”

As I laid there on the floor with what I though was a stretch roller for your muscles, apparently it was not for that as my wife mounts me and says give her my wrist.  So as I handed her both my wrist, she places on some nice (large in width) leather cuffs and then attach each one to a “D” ring at the end of the spreader.  “There now” she says, then she turns around and proceeded to rope tie my ankles together and then my knees.  I am laying there like an arch with this spreader under my lower back and tied down.  I could not move, but surprisingly it was comfortable for my back ached this way.  My wife started to have her way with me, arched this way made it very easy for her to do as she wishes!

The product is called: The Talea Spreader Bar  Made by Liberator.  This company makes their own leather products, loungers and etc.  Only the best hand crafted items found from this company.  In part two (2) I will be showing you the leather cuffs I used with this spreader bar that was hand made by Liberator.

So as Liberator would say:

Give in to your desires and let go of control—but not your comfort. The Talea Spreader Bar is an innovative restraint tool that takes its name from the Latin word meaning “rod,” and it is truly in a class all of its own offering multiple positions of bondage play to satisfy your desires without sacrificing your body. Part spreader bar and part foam bolster, this unique restraint tool keeps wrists and ankles in place simultaneously as your lover brings you to new heights of pleasure while the soft wrap prevents your play from injuring your joints. As a bolster, it provides comfortable support under the head or knees, and it gives a slight pelvic tilt when placed under the hips. The only limit to your enjoyment is your imagination. Attach optional our microfiber or leather wrist and ankle cuffs sets to either side with snap clips, complete with nylon extenders and tethers  that give you extra room for experimentation. If you prefer other binding options, the Talea is equipped with two D-ring connectors on either end that work perfectly with silk sashes, rope, or any compatible d-ring cuff set. The Talea is made from supportive foam wrapped around a sturdy high-impact PVC rod covered in lush claret or black faux leather.

  • Supportive foam bolster built around a high-impact PVC rod.
  • Attaches to wrists and ankles for comfortable restraint play.
  • Offers unique positions and lift when placed under hips, knees, or neck.
  • Soft faux leather cover feels smooth against bare skin and is nylon bonded to withstand tears.
  • Easy zip-off cover, wipes clean.
  • Outfitted with four D-ring connectors and four snap clips for multiple positions and possibilities.
  • Customize with choice of adjustable Velcro wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, six nylon cuff extenders, and a 42″ nylon tether (set sold separately).
  • For a harder bondage thrill, upgrade to our leather cuff kit (set sold separately, includes leather wrist and ankle cuffs, 4 d-ring connectors, 4 double snap hooks, and tethers).
  • Measurement in inches: 30 long x 5 thick

If you are given the chance to swing by Liberator, I would! They have great customer service, OUTSTANDING products and will mail discreetly to your home.  Stop by and tell them The best Bondage Gear review sent you!  Until next time!!!! enjoy