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Hey gang, Valkor here. Here on the east coast the weather outside is starting to get a little chilly. But that don’t mean the temps have to drop on the inside. Night time is the right time and with the Liberator Sex Wedge tossed in, you can expect things to really heat up!

The Liberator Wedge is a large, pillow with a steep incline that gives it something of a right-triangle shape (maybe more obtuse) measuring in at 14 X 24 X 7. When I first took it out the box, I was initially disappointed at the size… until it was unwrapped and it expanded to a more pleasing shape. The cover comes in a wide variety of colors (TOV got the pleasing purple) and it’s removable, has a velvety feel to it, plus its machine washable. The inside cushion is soft yet firm and it feels as though it can take a lot of pressure yet pop right back into place when finished. Finally the Wedge comes in two sizes – Regular and Plus (adds a few extra inches on the width).

Liberator Wedge

The Wedge is part of an entire line of products that can be used separate or apart such as The Ramp, The Hipster and The Lift, to name a few. It’s all part of making the sexual experience more comfortable and also fun. Since we’ve only tested the Wedge, we’ll discuss all the fun things that can be done with it, especially some of my favorite moves.

Liberator Wedge


I’m more of a giver, less of a receiver and with the Wedge, I can give until it hurts. Propping her waist on the incline, bringing her legs over the edge, I could dive right in with my head facing down, yet still getting it all in and then some. Bonus: with the use of the Wedge in this manner, it allows for more hip movement on her part and easier for her to direct me towards all her sweet spots. For the guys, you could rest your back on the incline and have her go at you that way. It feels very different, but doable. 69ing is also made easier as its less stress on the neck as you don’t have to lift your head as much.

Liberator Wedge


Though the Ramp would be the much better choice or Ramp/Wedge combo, missionary is still achievable with the wedge by keeping her in the oral position (shown above), which again allows for more hip movement from her and easier, straight-forward penetration for me.

Liberator Wedge


This is the true reason why you want the Wedge; with her stretched out on the incline, she’ll be properly positioned for a) easier insertion and b) less tiring for her as the Wedge takes the stress off the arms and back and from her waist on up on the incline, it gives that more part more rest, for longer, playful moments.

Liberator Wedge

And with a little imagination, I’m sure there’s a whole lot that can be done with the Wedge by itself. But if you truly want to broaden your experience, then you might be interested in adding additional components to your repertoire.


The Bang

Testing out the Wedge was something very different and yet it was a whole lot of fun. It excels in increased comfort, deeper penetrations and maneuverability. It also helps to take a lot of pressure off the body – especially from the woman, making the experience that much more enjoyable for both. That incline really makes a world of a difference, because trying some of these moves with a regular pillow just won’t cut it – mainly because it loses shape, whereas the Liberator Wedge holds its form rather well. Plus it makes the entire experience way more comforting.

Liberator Wedge

The Slack

Not so much a slack against the pillow, but walking around with it in public… a bit unusual. lol Fits well in a suitcase for travelling tho.

Liberator Wedge

The Liberator Wedge sex pillow is the perfect size and shape for an increased sexual experience you’ll both appreciate. And to further up your game consider the additional components as well – I know I’ll be looking into it. And out of TOV 5 pleasure stars, The Liberator Wedge gets a perfect 5! Valkor tested and approved? Yes indeed!




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