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“People let me tell you ‘bout my best friend …” is an old television show theme song (by Harry Nilsson) and is my way of introducing you to my new buddy, Bob. And, unlike a real person named ‘Bob,’ this Bob can be your friend, too (if you are a dude). Okay, Bob is an anal sex toy brought to you by LELO (which also makes an amazing double-pronged vibrator for women, but that’s another story): LELO Bob. Bob stimulates a man’s P-spot, or prostate. Women have their G-spots and men have their P-spot. 

Bob_bordeaux_persSince the toy is named “Bob,” I’m calling the toy a “him.” But before I tell you about my new best friend I want to say that this is the second time I have written for Liberator. They posted my experience with the Aneros Eupho, ‘a male G-spot stimulator.’ I’m afraid I was a bit graphic about the pleasure I had involving Eupho, so I was kind of blunt in my frankness. Here I may follow a similar vein. So, frankly, I felt liberator-ated (pun) for writing about something so private and potentially embarrassing (and even damaging to my reputation) as an ass toy. My product review got a number of Hearts (equivalent to Facebook Likes), so I felt great. So in my second writing, with the safety of being anonymous, I introduce myself with my new handle “Ass Clown.” I am a mature man in my late 50s who is married to a substantially younger hot, foxy wife who is open-minded about sexual matters.

Well, my wife—who previously introduced me to the Aneros Eupho stimulator—surprised me again with a new toy from the Liberator site, LELO Bob. I decided to get acquainted with Bob in private. Right away I liked its shape and texture. I was turned-on from my wife’s kinky interest in my pleasure in that way—pleasure for my private bung hole, my rosebud. I tried out this new toy in privacy, using some thick water-based lube for the toy and my hole. I laid back and eased it quite slowly into me. It was thicker than what I experience with the other toy, and I wanted to accustom myself to its unique shape. Ahhh … there, it was inside me, up to where the closed loop at its tail end started.

Since toys are about being playful, I experimented with my legs spread, tugging gently on the loop with one hand. That baby was snug in place but could move just a touch when I tugged it so slightly. Oh. That was when I started sprouting an erection. I had accommodated it, and it was definitely accommodating me. Now I let go of the loop and used my dominant hand to slick up my stiffened member with the lube. When I would clench my sphincter against Bob, I felt a wave of increased pleasure in my dong, and I could clench that toy and, with hands off my meat, jerk it and feel it pulse. Already I was speeding down the runway and had to make liftoff. So I applied myself vigorously to the task with quite a successful conclusion. My semen missiles had long trajectories, wow.

Bob_deep_blue_shaWhat I have not mentioned about LELO Bob is the imaginative erotic level of the pleasure. Playing with a partner and LELO Bob has been a great deal of fun. I have enjoyed the role playing that my wife has introduced me to. Let the games begin! For example, it’s not fair that a plainclothes female cop makes me strip and assume the position. Then she flaunts her authority over her prisoner by introducing him to LELLO Bob, in the most intimate way possible. I also like how LELO Bob makes me feel like a stallion in heat trying to break out of his stall while I am in congress with my woman. And yet another kinky aspect to LELO Bob is the fact that he is so secure in there that you can go out in public, and be sitting or standing, and LELO Bob is not going anywhere, no danger of slipping out. And since my new name is Ass Clown, I am admitting that I have indeed had Bob with me when I have run errands in the car. When I get home, I am horny. The end.