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Written by the Kinky Kitten

I received the Pulse in return for my honest review from Liberator they sell quite a few sexual aids like the Liberator Wedge, which helps to get the right position for more stimulation during sex.

First of all when I received the Pulse I was shocked at the cylinder type bag it came packed it once I opened the bag I then saw the cushion covered in a protective black lining vacuum packed in a clear bag. Once I opened it the Pulse began to suck in the oxygen and started to sort of inflate itself. Then I had a fully formed Pulse. I placed the waterproof cover over the pulse and stared at it a while. I could not believe how this all had come from cylindrical bag in a square box. Seriously, Liberator has scored top marks for the way they packed the pulse it is very room saving so that everything gets packed in a rectangular box with a handle on the top for easy carrying! It is amazing.

I decided as my first session I would use my Suko so I inserted the suction cup between the cover and the cushion like it stated if you use a dildo that doesn’t have a base it just fits in the hole provided. I straddled the pulse and began to lower myself onto the dildo this was super easy and felt a lot like doing the cowgirl position during PIV then I sort of rocked back and forth the pulse has a curved bottom so rocked much like a rocking horse while I rode it the pulse felt so comfortable between my legs. The width of the pulse was perfect it just about made me open my legs wide enough to use it without losing my balance. The comfort I felt using the Pulse was great it moved with my movements and I really had a lot of fun with it.


I bent over the Pulse with my ass in the air and shook it a little. I was naked and using the pulse to support me in a stooped doggy style position. Mr entered me with ease the Pulse supporting my body whilst he thrust his dick into me the Pulse positioned me so that my ass was high above the rest of my body enabling Mr to penetrate me easily. Mr was thrusting hard we were having really rough sex and still the pulse didn’t move it supported me I felt so comfortable not having to hold my own weight up with my arms for so long. Mr then spurted his load into me whilst I asked him to spank my ass with a cum covered hand I then had my release.

I have to say the Pulse is amazing to get the perfect position during sex without putting all your weight on your arms. As a sort of sex machine in itself I think that this is a cheaper option but just as fun as it mimics the cowgirl position. The Pulse is so comfortable to use it separates your legs just the right amount that it isn’t uncomfortable it supports you in the position which I find really comfortable.


The fact the Pulse is waterproof is amazing so even if you pour a bit too much lube on the dildo or even if you experience a few squirting orgasms you don’t have to worry just take the cover off and throw it in the wash.

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