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I used to think that sex toys were mainly for women, but I have discovered a pleasure toy that is both exciting for me to use alone or with my wife watching and helping—AND it is exciting to use on both of us simultaneously. Seriously, this is the toy that can fit into any situation. 


It is the Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo Guybrator. Personally, it reminds me more of an amorous squid. You hold it in one hand and it goes on the underside of your penis, and it has thin extensions that wrap around with a thin gap on the top side of your penis. It acts like a sheath, and you can stroke your self with it for solo fun. The interesting part of it is inside, where your member rubs against this raised circular area. This area pulses and vibrates, and you can easily change settings, directly on the Octopuss or with a small disc-shaped remote.

The Hot Octopuss came from Liberator in exchange for an honest review. I got to open and try it out before my wife got home from work. I’m an older man and can’t get it up as easy as I used to, so I gave this bad boy a big test. I lubed up my limp weewee and positioned it along the sheath of the Hot Octopuss; then I turned it on the first setting. Now, in the past I have not gotten stimulated much from vibrations but this toy proved to be different. I gave myself in easily to the sensations and my penis started growing and getting stiffer. Encouraged, I started using the Hot Octopuss to stroke my growing stiffy, pushing my knob over the pulsating/vibrating area inside the sheath. My finger pushed the little button on it and the setting changed. Now we were talking. I was fully erect and I enjoyed pressing on the wings that wrapped over the top side of my shaft, feeling the pleasure of the increased sensations to my underside. In short, I came, and everything shot out of the open top of the sleeve. Job well done! Amazing!

300On the weekend my wife and I got to try out the Hot Octopuss together. What powerful foreplay! I slipped the puss onto my rod, turned it on and placed myself between my wife’s spread legs. I pressed the Octopuss against her mound and she was getting turned on. Our mutual arousal grew, and my member was so hard and aching rubbing against the pulsating center of the Puss. I felt like a rodeo bull rider, though actually maybe that was reversed.

My wife found much delight in the Octopuss’ outer vibrating surface rubbing over her coochie. And I had my secret weapon with me; I had the little remote in one hand and changed the setting to something “more interesting.” She came and I almost did. I only held back because I wanted to extend our session. On another occasion we tried a different position with the Octopuss between us: I laid on my back and she straddled the Puss, facing me. That gave her more control over the sensations she was receiving, especially since she now had the remote, and that has become our favorite Octopuss position (so far). Neither of us had to hold the toy, so that made it more flexible to use. The orgasm for both of us with this toy are intense, to say the least.

Other things about the Hot Octopuss: It recharges easy with a USB adaptor (I actually charge it one my computer), it’s waterproof (but make sure the power outlet flap is pushed in), and it uses “PulsePlate technology™. I know we have just scratch the surface and will be experimenting with it more.