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When you think ‘sexy’ what comes to mind? Sleek, stylish and impossibly cool would be my choice descriptors. Everything that is the opposite of the Liberator Plush Seduction Cuff Kit.

plush seduction cuff kitI was against them at first. For me, kink and bondage play is about escaping into a fantasy. I like the bite of a whip and pinching of a corset because they take my mind to an edgier, more dangerous place. So obviously when I eyed these fuzzy, soft cuffs with their easy-to-use snap clips, I balked.

My husband, however, was into the idea. He liked the no-fuss way they attached to our Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo without having to stop the moment and fiddle with a clasp. So tempted with hot sex with a sexy man, I wrapped the Plush Seduction Kit around my wrists and ankles.

plush seduction cuff kitWow, soft! No hard edges here. Their wide width made my hands look dainty, and after a few moments, I forgot they were there at all. Once our play began, there was nothing on my mind but the action. Gone was the need to adjust because my cuffs became uncomfortable. I had been using these edgier tools to escape, but really they were a distraction.

The included LoveBlind Blindfold is also brilliant. I couldn’t see anything. The no-peek nose bridge felt smooth as satin and is stuffed with cushy foam. Because each part is designed for comfort, the blindfold never felt like a distraction while I just focused on the pleasure.

We’ve put our leather cuffs away for now. There are times where we’ll want to use them again. But for the time being, I’m a total convert to the Way of the Plush.