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I’m just the kind of gal that enjoys a new adventure. Rock climbing-check!  Race Cars-check! Try a new sex toy–check, check! So, when I was offered an opportunity to review the blueMotion Nex 1, I said hell yeah! First of all, I love giving my opinion, especially when it comes to someone’s cooking. And secondly, there’s nothing like experiencing a new sensation between my legs.


You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

I’ll never forget my first official sex toy. It was big, bulky and had three settings- on, high, and peel me off the ceiling, intense. You know the kind I’m talking about, it’s the one that you have to plug in, and your neighbors could hear from across the street. But what a surprise to see a clitoral stimulator that looks more like a familiar feminine product than a heavy-duty construction tool. The blueMotion Nex 1 is sleek, slim, and extremely lightweight. To me, it seemed like an alien creation from the plant PleasureX because it did not resemble a penis or any other kind of sex toy. I was left wondering, how is it possible to put a motor is something so slim? But the geniuses at OhMiBod figured out way, making this vibe really easy to handle.


untitled-2uSometimes My Ass is Too Fat

The blueMotion Nex 1 comes with a nice looking pair of frilly panties. They are extremely soft and well made. All you have to do is slide the vibe into the pre-designed crotch area and then have at it. However, in my case the panties were a bit too snug. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of panties, but if you’re a size 10 or larger, these will feel too tight in the crotch and personally, I don’t like underwear that creep into my ass crack. Perhaps it’s time to start doing yoga again.


Oh, What Our Mothers are Missing

Setting up the blueMotion Nex 1 was easy as pie. I was able to locate the app and install it instantly on my iphone. Never in my adult life did I think that a sex toy would ever sync with a phone. I was even able to get my S.O. to play along too by having his phone sync with the vibrator. But please note, if you want to pleasure your partner via the Internet, you’ll need to make a $4.95 in-app purchase. The great thing about having an app is that it allows adventurous couples to virtually have sexual fun in public without getting arrested. The app itself has a number of preset patterns and with the easytouch control system, he was able to tap a pattern, use the motion control option, and even used my favorite song to induce heights of pleasure. It just looks like you’re too busy to texting or posting details on facebook, when actually you’re getting your partner off with no one the wiser.  As for the intensity of the vibration, these can be controlled using the phone’s volume buttons.


We also tested the range of the bluetooth controls and found that the distance between the vibrator and the smartphone controlling lost a bit of power beyond 12 feet. By 20 feet, the two devices completely lost connection. The instructions indicate that the device has a range of approximately 15-20 feet, which appears to be consistent with our testing.




No Reservations

What I really enjoyed about the blueMotion was that it looked discrete while being worn. It did not look like I have a stuffed something in my pants. Since I could not fit into the provided panties, I modified my own pair by slicing open the cotton crotch and slipping the blueMotion in between. Before even leaving the house, we did a practice run to make sure it did not slip out at an inopportune time and checked to see how loud it would it. The little nub on the top of the vibrator started rubbing in the just the right spot and I actually even started liking just walking around without any vibration. Once, the vibe was situated, it basically stayed in place and we were off to our favorite restaurant.


I believe that having little adventures is great for spicing things up and while waiting for our table, he began warming me like an appetizer. It was a lot of fun having him at the controls while I attempted to maintain my composure while in a restaurant full of unwitting patrons. We had a great time taking turns with the controls and by the time dessert arrived, I was ready to move to the next level. We discovered that the volume on the phone also controls the vibration level, but anything lower than 50 percent volume resulted in no vibrations. At 50 percent, the vibrations are relatively quiet, and luckily we had some ambient noise to really pump up the volume.


untitled-2ghjkSolo Play

Whether you have a partner in crime or like to play with yourself, the blueMotion is also great for alone time. Since it does not require a phone operator, you can enjoy using it all on its own—unless of course, you’re a master at multi-tasking. As I mentioned earlier, don’t let the sleek design fool you because this baby packs quite the punch. With a little dabble of lube, it felt amazing while being rubbed on my clit. Although, I was not peeling myself off the ceiling, the orgasm was still pretty intense.


Overall, I really enjoyed the blueMotion Nex 1. It feels really soft against my skin, and the little nub makes all the difference. It’s a great way to have some added fun while out on the town and makes my S.O. feel like he has more control sometimes. If you looking for a sex toy that is discrete and won’t wake up the neighbors, this toy is made just for you!