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Organic sex products are all the rage these days. And that’s great because we should be thoughtful of what gets put into our mouths and bodies. One company ahead of the organic curve is Aloe Cadabra. They put some serious consideration into making sex feel better whether it’s using sex toys, fingers or other body parts. For the sake of scientific exploration—we decided to test out Aloe Cadabra—so you don’t have too.

What makes Aloe Cadabra so special?

Believe it or not, there is not one lube that rules them all. But Aloe Cadabra is a close second. Not only does this lube provide incredible slip-n-slide, it’s also super nice and gentle for the lady parts. Meaning that Aloe Cadabra uses aloe as a base ingredient which is great for women experiencing vaginal dryness. It is also pH balanced and does not cause additional dryness after having sex.

Performance Details

A little goes a long way when using Aloe Cadabra. You can use it with any sex toy or condoms or any of your delicate sex parts. It’s especially useful during penetrative sex—the P in V kind. We did try using it for anal sex but had to reapply when going in that direction. So, if you’re going the anal route, another brand may work better. The one major thing we loved about Aloe Cadabra is the product washes off and does not leave behind a sticky residue.

The Nitty Gritty

Using a high-quality lube is a lot like putting high-octane gas in your vehicle—everything performs a lot better. Aloe Cadabra feels extremely close to your own personal moisture. We love that this lube comes in a variety of flavors. The Peppermint Tingle does provide a little sensation but it’s not overbearing. The Tahitian Vanilla and Pina Colada are great for oral sex enthusiasts. And our favorite, the French Lavender has a slight feminine scent which offers a relaxing scent while using sex toys.


Aloe Cadabra