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Your favorite toys can be made even better with the addition of a Liberator toy mount. Which one is right for you depends on your favorite toy.

The Bonbon can hold both vibrators and dildos. It is best for those that want to straddle a toy and ride it. It does not work with the Hitachi Magic Wand or other massagers of that size and shape. There are a few other applications as well, including lying over it during doggy for better access and depth. But primarily, this is more of a solo-use toy mount—other than how hot you will look riding it.

If your favorite toy is the Hitachi Magic Wand or something similar, we suggest the Axis Magic Wand or Wanda. The Axis is bigger, so it allows for easier couples play, and it can be used without a toy for added sensations during sex. It works similar to our Wedge by adding lift and angles to a variety of positions. If you want to straddle your Wand, the Wanda is ideal. While there is some potential for couple’s play, like double penetration, it is not as versatile as the Axis Magic Wand.

The most versatile of the toy mounts is the Wing. It can hold dildos and vibes, and you can place a bullet inside the cover to make the entire Shape vibrate. It provides the most surface for couple’s play and can either be straddled or used to support the weight of your torso. This one is also great if you want to stand and place the Wing on the bed.

If you are looking for the most movement to simulate the rocking motion of sex, the Pulse is perfect. It has pockets for dildos and vibes, as well as two exterior pockets for bullets or smaller clitoral vibrators. It has an unlimited application for couple’s play, too. Simply turn it upside down for a curved surface for lifting your hips during sex or oral.


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