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Written by Amber L. of Carpe Omnia

Angela Lieben1. What sets your toy company apart from others?

Liberator is more than just a toy store, we are a purveyor of the enhanced sexual experience. In fact, Liberator manufactures a wide selection of Sex Furniture which enhances couples’ intimacy through connections. We offer our product direct-to-consumer via our website and through our factory flagship store, as well as mass retailers. Unlike other sex boutiques, however, we carry only the creme-da-la-creme of sex toys, as well as our famed Liberator Shapes.

I equate our flagship store to the likes of a single major electronics retailer. Everything is on display so that shoppers can get a feel for what the toy is like in texture, feel, and weight. We have the Liberators Shapes available to “try” which really allows couples to envision themselves using the product while at home.
Shopping for a sex toy in public can feel intimidating and that is why we created a free-range experience within the store. First, our sales associates don’t hover but do use intuition when someone looks like they have a question. The entire shopping experience at Liberator is discreet and couples are encouraged to touch and feel the products for themselves. We keep all the sex toys on display and fully charged—why buy a toy when you have no idea how it moves? But most importantly, we want couples to feel invited and have a space to explore without any judgement.

2. What is the strangest toy you’ve come across?

A lot of toys come through our department and majority of them are creative. Liberator does not carry these, but while doing research, I came across something called Sounding Rods. These thin metal surgical rods are placed through the head of the penis and are meant to offer urethral sensation while erect. Now since I don’t have a penis, it is a challenge to understand why anyone would do that—but to each his own–no judgment here.

3. What is the history behind Liberator?

For more than 13 years, Liberator has been associated with distinct product design, quality, and performance within the sexual wellness industry. The Founder and CEO, Louis Friedman came up with the idea after reading about sexual positions using a pillow. Inspired to do offer something unique, he decided to create Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear and went on to develop surfaces and elevation that help couples expand upon their sexual performance and repertoire. Now, Liberator is sold worldwide, through the internet and mass brick-and-mortar retailers. We believe our products make the act of love more rewarding for people of all shapes and sizes, regardless of their age or physical limitations.

Angela Lieben

4. Any advice for couples or individuals to consider before introducing toys into the bedroom?

Toys can really enhance your sex life, but can be really confusing because there are so many of them. I recommend that before introducing a toy, discuss what you want to experience together. Be open about exploring new types of pleasure and find something you both can enjoy together at first. So start small and build up from there. A couple’s vibe is always a nice choice because both can derive pleasure for the experience of using a toy together for the first time. Another thing couple’s may want to consider is whether it should be battery operated or manual sex toy. I just say fun together and explore the Liberator website—we have a lot of toys to choose from and our rep’s are available online or via phone.

5. Coolest toy on the market right now?

Personally, I enjoy a lot of different toys. However, the hottest toys on the market today are APP driven. Anyone with a smartphone can operate a sex toy to pleasure their partner. For instance, the We-Vibe 4 Plus is a couples vibe that can be shared while having sex. The woman inserts the We-Vibe which curves to hug the clitoris and as the man enters, he will have increased sensation and tightness too. The great thing about this toy is that it can be used as a personal vibrator with one partner controlling it from a remote location. Any other sexy toy is the OhMiBod blueMotion Nex 1. This toy fits neatly inside a pair of panties and can be used via WiFi to offer a host of different sensations. This makes Sunday dinner at grandma’s house way more interesting.

6. If you weren’t working for Liberator, what would you be doing? Creating your own sex toy perhaps?

Before working with Liberator, I owned an erotic photographic art gallery and dealt with a variety of erotic artists and produced erotic art shows. Since I’ve have always been interesting in promoting a sex positive message, I’m pretty lucky to have landed an amazing career with Liberator. Now if I weren’t here, I would probably be producing and directing my own female-centric porn and writing books on sex education for teenagers.  As for any inventions, I do have something in the works but it’s still in the testing, and re-testing phase.

7. Do you think that you have to be a sexual individual to work for a toy company?

You don’t necessarily need to be sexual to work for a sex toy company but it certainly is a bonus. Having an open mind while being focused on work is all part of the job. A lot of people think that just because I work with Liberator, it’s sex, sex, sex all the time. But to be honest, I work in a professional environment. Although the topic of sex does come up, it does not mean we’re blathering about our personal sex lives and how we like to take it up the woo-ha. There are time when I have to give my opinion on a certain product, but I usually word it in a way that is subjective and not at all creepy.
Most importantly, however, our focus is not on ourselves, but on helping others to enhance their sex lives. We want to provide engaging content and products for couples looking to spice things up and understanding your own sexuality is all part of the job but not required.

8. Do you ever get to test out things yourself?  What’s your favorite if you have?  If you haven’t, why not?

You would not believe how many sex toys are in my toy chest. Since I am the writer for our UnZipped blog, it’s imperative that I try out all new products. Oh poor me! Every time I test a new toy, I say to myself “This one is now my favorite!” that is until, another one comes by my desk. At this moment, my reach-for-it toy is the Svakom Emma Heated Vibrator. This toy is ahhhhmazing—the heat offers an incredible sensation while the attachments stimulate both my G-spot and clitoris. The fact that this vibrator is extremely powerful makes it my must-have. My husband also reaps the benefits of my sex toy bounty. He gets to try out all of the prostate toys and male masturbators.

9. How popular is the sex toy industry?

Producing and manufacturing sex toys has created multi-billion dollar industry. There are conventions being held around the globe solely dedicated to sex toys. There’s even an award show for sex toys! To bolster the industry even further, there are trade magazine. These trade publications really nurture the sex toy nerd in me and keep myself abreast of all the trends. XBIZ is a great resource which I read cover to cover. It’s part of my job to be in the know, and what better way to start my day than with a cup of coffee and smut!

10. What are three important things that you have learned about while working for Liberator?

Liberator, like I mentioned previously, is a dream come true. And like any job, there are always new things to learn, both professionally and personally. One, is embracing my own sexuality and not caring what others think of me. I’m here to do a great job and don’t really concern myself with naysayers that judge me for working in the sex industry (you know who you are!). Also, this job has empowered my creative confidence and writing skills. I’ve learned to really let go of expectations and do the best job everyday. A lot of people are sensitive about their work, but it’s been great to work with people that offer constructive criticism which helps me grow professionally. Thirdly, the power of different types of orgasms—since working here, I’ve been able to test, try, and use some of the most amazing sex toys on the market. It wasn’t until recently, that I got to experience a full-body, blended orgasm. If you’ve not ever had one, then you’re in for a treat!
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