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L’Amourose delivers the best self-heating, adult toy in the industry. Combining innovative technology and the highest quality materials, we’ve created our Rouge Collection to bring some heat into your intimate moments.

How do they work?

L'Amourose Rouge CollectionL’Amourose Rouge Collection products use a Thermal Regulation System that allows the product to heat up to a controlled temperature (104F to 107F or 40C to 42C) and maintain that temperature during use.  This temperature is just slightly above internal body temperature (98.6F) so it allows you to feel the heat whether you are using it internally or externally. The Thermal Regulation System operates separately from the vibration motor so you can use the toy with only heating and no vibration, with both functions on, or with vibrations without the heating function. The default setting is for both systems to turn on automatically when you turn the product on.

Why do I need one?

Heating promotes circulation, and circulation helps with arousal. Like many heating lubricants and gels on the market and metal dildos that can retain heat, promoting blood flow to the genitals is a natural way to increase sexual arousal. More blood flow = more arousal. Our Rouge Collection products provide you with that heat with the use of unsafe or gimmicky lubricants or the need to boil water to heat up a metal dildo. We use the latest technologies to provide heat with the touch of a button.

L'Amourose Rouge CollectionWhat products are in your Rouge Collection?

Our Rouge collection currently has 3 products: ROSA Rouge, DENIA Rouge, and PRISM VII Rouge. Although each of these products has the Thermal Regulation System which brings you that intense heat, they are fairly different products.


• rigid body enables focused G-spot stimulation
• small clitoral “thumb” for external stimulation

ROSA Rouge

• Flex and Shift body allows the product to form to your body
• two motors allow for deep, rumbling vibrations
• dedicated charging dock

Denia Rouge

  • Same flexible shape as the Rosa, with an added arm for external stimulation
  • Allows for blended orgasms with simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation

Both designs feature a fully waterproof body, body-safe silicone, an upstanding design and our Thermal Regulation System.  Whichever one you choose, bringing heat to warm your winter evenings is always a good choice.