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When the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge and L’Amourose Denia Rouge first hit the market, I was a bit skeptical. Just like a sports car, she looks good on the road, but is it worth the high cost? Why invest in a Lamborgini when you get by with a Toyota Camry? There’s only one way to tell. Let’s take this baby for a test drive.

Details of the Rosa Rouge and Denia Rouge Design

The Denia and Rosa are essentially the same, with the Denia having a second arm that allows for internal and external stimulation simultaneously.

The Rouge Collection has features that come standard on most models.

  • There are 9 vibrating modes and 12 speeds.
  • The lightweight silicone material and construction lets the vibe flex with your movements.
  • It has a really nice shape and is great for G-spot stimulation.
  • L’Amourose states the vibrator is good for P-spot stimulation. But since I don’t have a P-spot, I can’t comment.
  • Easy USB recharging station.

All essential features, but not exactly unique. What defines the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge is that is they didn’t stop there. This is where it gets interesting.

Built for Life

Leaving aside the remarkable packaging, the Rosa Rouge and Rose Denia are equipped with quality construction. I was pleasantly surprised with its seamless design. What I mean is this vibe does not have any running seams on its side or base. The exterior feels like silk. Inside the vibe are two extremely powerful motors. There is one at the base and one near the tip. These motors are what gives this vibe a rumbling sensation. The quality is apparent and helps justify its hefty price tag.

Sexy Curves Ahead

My vagina likes sex toys shaped in a certain way. She does not like anything too long or too fat. The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge fits my body perfectly. The bulbous head offers my G-spot the ideal amount of pressure and vibration. The L’Amourose Denia Rouge is the ultimate if you want blended orgasms where you get clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The flexible exterior arm allows the Denia to fit a lot of different bodies. What I really like about both of them is how the larger arm’s curve can be used for penetrative action or for applying pressure on the G-spot directly. The shaft really does flex with my movements.

Performance and Handling

Rose RougeI am not ambidextrous by any means. When it comes to using the either of these vibes, I can easily switch my left or right hand. The Denia and Rosa do not have handles per se, but the textured bases make it easy for grasping. This is really good news for arthritic women. Simply hold the base in the palm of your hand and go to town!

There is one downside to the Rose Rouge and Denia Rouge. The operating buttons are hard to discern. I had to stop the fun a few times and locate the increase button. Hopefully, next year’s model will have elevated buttons.

Turbo Boost

Okay, I guess I left you hanging long enough. My sex toy skepticism evaporated immediately after feeling the Thermal Regulation System. The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge and Denia Rouge are heated vibrators. Ladies, this is where the rubber meets the road. This is where the magic happens. According to L’Amourose, the Thermal Regulation System heats up to 42-degree celsius (107.6 degrees Fahrenheit for us Americans.) But what does the heat do for you? The Rouge Collection adds a whole new twist to pleasuring yourself.

The increase in temperature gives this vibe a lifelike sensation. It’s like having a real cock inside.

On the Fast Track

The reason why anyone buys a sex toy is for the orgasms, right? On a scale of 1 to 10, my orgasm with the Rosa Rouge and Denia Rouge is at an 8. This is for both clitoral and G-spot orgasm combined. Having a blended orgasm takes a little more effort with the Rosa Rouge, so if that is your objective go for the Denia. But it’s not out of the question with the Rosa because of the flexible shaft. This is when the base motor comes in handy. I actually enjoyed having a G-spot climax more with the Rosa Rouge than a clitoral one.


  • Powerful dual motors at head and base
  • Easy to handle and maneuver
  • Seamless silicone design
  • Flexible shaft
  • The amazing heated Core
  • Orgasm scale of 8
  • Denia includes a second arm for internal and external stimulation simultaneously


  • Hefty price tag
  • Button are hard to find and interrupt enjoyment
  • Same vibration patterns as other vibes
  • Better for G-spot stimulation
  • Having to decide between the Denia and the Rosa!

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