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2016 has been a productive year for the sex toy industry. One brand standing out among the crowd and capturing the heart of our nether-regions is L’Amourose. More than just eye candy, L’Amourose is literally penetrating the market with a whole range of thoughtfully crafted sex toys that mean business. Want clitoral satisfaction? Have a desire to explore a little anal? Love the feeling of G-spot orgasms?  Then L’Amourose has something for everybody.

There is an entire line dedicated to women and men. There is one item though that had my heart on fire—the L’Amourose Prism VII Rouge. This sex toy is slender, sleek and every inch sexy!

L'AmouroseGreat First Impression

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes when making a sex toy. Teams of developers are involved in every aspect of creating new designs or improving upon already existing ones. What I like about the L’Amourose Prism V and VII is the advanced artistic looking design that is just as functional.

Of course, there are plenty of pretty toys out there but this one serves a dual purpose—clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Standing at 7.5-inches, the Prism has an insertable length of approximately 4-inches. The curved bulbous head is 4.25-inches at its widest point which then leads toward a thinner shaft. This is especially great because it is made to fit any body type. There is a small silicone flipper on the Prism VII for light clitoral stimulation. Its S-shaped design lets you leverage the Prism V or VII for applying sensational pressure directly on the G-spot. The shape also lets you pull out for clitoral stimulation and easily slides back into the vagina.

As more and more brands become available it’s easy to get lost in a sea of ad copy and marketing hype. That’s why I think it’s important to read the reviews before making any sex toy decision. Here’s my honest take on the L’Amourose Prism VII Rouge. I fell in love with it the first moment out of the package. But as with anything, looks can be deceiving. Yes, it’s a sexy looking toy but can it really perform? I was really surprised at the amount of power coming from this vibe. It wasn’t focused on one area, but the whole shaft. The powerful motor has a tremendous amount of options too from slow revving to strong rumbling.

The Sizzle Reel

L'AmouroseBut what makes this L’Amourose Prism VII Rouge so special is its heating element called the Thermal Regulation System. This system is exclusive to the L’Amourose Rouge Series only—they offer non-heated versions as well so be careful when shopping.

Not to get all scientific, but packed inside the soft and luxurious silicone exterior is a miniature heater that gets up to 104-degrees Fahrenheit. This raise in temperature really adds a new dimension in pleasure and makes the experience feel life-like. Mix that in with some strong vibrations and you have a recipe for some extraordinary orgasms.

Palm of Your Hand

L'AmouroseThe Prism VII Rouge boasts 7 vibration modes with each mode having 12 intensity settings. Not only is it lightweight, but the design lets the toy flow easily in and out of the body. The handle on both the Prism V and VII has their trademarked ‘diamond’ pattern which makes it easy to handle with lubed hands. While the embedded AR logo makes it easy to located raised control buttons. Simply depress the + button and you’re on your way to orgasmic land.

So, How Does it Feel?

The L’Amourse Prism VII Rouge offers a few things that are completely different from other luxury vibes. First, you can’t beat the heat! The temperature made a noticeable difference externally and internally. Second, it seemed like it was made just for my body. It was the perfect fit! Third, the Prism doesn’t feel squishy or too soft. It has a firm structure that lets you exert more pressure on the erogenous zone.

To me, it really feels like a perfectly made cock.

The Prism feels really good when vibrating pressed against the G-spot or moved across the clitoris. Plus, the angle is optimum for anal play too. This toy lacks a flared base so be careful when attempting any anal play.

Not too Shabby

The L’Amourose product line includes a unique feature. A magnetic component attaches to the bottom of the vibe making it quick to recharge. It holds that charge for up to 2-hours of full power, continuous play. The brand is all about luxury and that includes their packaging too. The box includes the vibe, USB charging cable, instruction booklet, and velvety storage pouch. But here’s the real kicker—L’Amourose offers an 18-month warranty against any defects. The company will replace your product during that time. Now that’s hot.

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