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The Je Joue Nuo is an app controlled Bluetooth vibrating butt plug. Its sleek design perfectly contours to the shape of your ass while maintaining an eye pleasing design. Although the marketing seems to favor men in the description, the wife absolutely loved this toy as well.  Here’s a first-hand account of what he said, she said while using the Je Joue Nuo.

His Thoughts

The toy did not take much work getting it in, which is a major plus in my book. My wife was able to nonchalantly surprise me with the Je Jou Nuo while going down on me one night. I have to say, it was a pleasant experience. This toy stimulated my prostate while she was giving me head. The really cool thing I enjoyed the most was it let me control the vibration via the app. This made the whole oral sex experience way better. With the Je Joue Nuo, I did not feel that weird “take it out” sensation that other anal toys so commonly cause. In fact, the butt plug felt pleasantly natural while parked up my bum. Overall, I love this toy for anal play.

Her Thoughts

I am a petite woman and the Je Joue Nuo fit just right in between my butt cheeks. I love how the curved shape instantly reached my G-spot which made for a very stimulating experience during doggy. The Je Joue Nuo has a variety of varied patterns which really transformed the whole experience for me. Each of the different speeds and patterns offered a host of new sensations, especially when his pelvis pushed the toy deeper into my body. I’m not lying when I say this is one of my new favorite toys. Here’s the great thing about the Je Joue Nuo—it can be used as a butt plug or dildo. 

Je Joue Nuo Approval Rating

We have come to a few common conclusions after using the Je Joue Nuo throughout the week. We absolutely love the fact that this toy allows for non-verbal communication. If something feels great, crank it up on your partner. Did they stop being expressive about the sensations? Turn it back down. The varying patterns let couples customize the sensations.  She likes having intensity while I like the slow, deep rumbling sensation. There is also a Smartphone app that is both simple and intuitive. But it was challenging when trying to figure out how to turn the vibrations up . Cleaning the Je Joue Nuo was was a breeze—we just washed it off with warm water and soap between uses. We definitely give the Nuo a 10/10.


  • Gender Neutral. Anyone can use it.
  • Intense power and speed.
  • Easy insertion for prostate pleasure.
  • Feels natural during sex.
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance.


  • The app was a bit confusing at first.
  • Difficult to turn on and operate manually once it is inserted.
  • Plug is larger than expected and may be too big for beginners.