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Don’t let the adorable names fool you! The new line of Iroha handheld vibes have incredible strength and power. Created for women, each has its own distinctive shape and offers great advantages for clitoral stimulation. Inspired by the Japanese origami tradition, this new line of Iroha+ are all about enhancing your orgasms. Ladies—let’s get ready to rumble!

Touchable Sexiness

Iroha is known for quality and uses the highest grade materials available, and their new Iroha+ line has been made even better. The exterior casing is made from the soft silicone and is layered over polyurethane, giving them a pillowy effect. You can actually push down on the plush material or squeeze it tightly.
Another great feature is when they rubbed against bare skin. Since each offers a unique texture, they feel life-like and seamless. An additional benefit is their silky exterior is dust-repellant and stay clean time after time. Their splash-proof exterior can be clean using simple soap and water.

Unique Features

  • The deep red Tori massager is shaped like a bird with a curved design for all over body pleasure. Offering a variety of ways to use it, the tip is great for direct clitoral stimulation.
  • The squeezable black Yoru massager is fashioned with a dainty cut out that can be used for gently hugging the clitoris.
  • The ribbed Kushi is reminiscent of a seashell. It’s rippled texture mixed with powerful vibrations provide a different kind of sensation.

Like a Glove

Each of the Iroha+ massagers fit easily into your hand. This is what makes them easy to hold and turn on and off. What we like in particular is they are all extremely lightweight and easy to manage. With all the little dips and curves, it makes it easy to grip while reaching for your most sensitive spots.


A Look Inside

Iroha+ is meant for everyone. Whether you’re into light play or increased strength, these vibes have a good range of vibration options. Unlike vibrators that buzz loudly and have too much power in the handle, the Iroha collection has a near-quiet motor with more of a rumbling sensation.

Great Package

When it comes to packaging, Iroha does not skimp. They really have mastered the art of utilitarian presentation. The storage case has a clear plastic cover which keeps the vibe protected. However, the genius part is the base also converts into a nifty charging station. This no-fuss packaging really makes it convenient to store, or better yet, display like a piece of art. These vibes also make a great offering for someone looking to gift someone with pleasure.


Grade Level

For women who are curious about using a clitoral vibe, the Iroha+ line is a great option. Their cute, soft and non-phallic design has a good range of vibration intensities which works well for someone less experienced. This is certainly one line of vibrators that will be put to good use time after time.

Iroha Highlights:

  • Cute and fun to unpack.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Fast to recharge.
  • Great for beginners, but with enough power for everyone.
  • Really soft feel.