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The hotly anticipated Hot Octopuss Queen Bee has finally emerged from her hive and made her way across the pond. For those who don’t know Hot Octopuss, they are the U.K. brand that produces the innovative male stimulating device called the Pulse III Solo + Duo. The company is expanding their offerings and focusing on women’s solo pleasure. Which makes me quite the happy camper.

Here’s my take on the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

What’s in a Name?

hot octopuss queen beeFirst, I love the name, Queen Bee. I’m not certain if Hot Octpuss is specifically referring to the hollow gourd filled with angry bees. But to me, the Queen Bee reminds me of the ancient urban legend of Cleopatra using bees for self-pleasure. The great thing about this Queen Bee is you don’t have to worry about pesky stingers—just focus on the pleasure.

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Packaging

The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee comes in a very basic, no frills box. The contents include Queen Bee, silk storage pouch, USB charging cable and instruction manual with teeny-tiny text. The good news is no unraveling layers of brand marketing material—just open the box and pull out Queen Bee. Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

Getting Acquainted

The shapely design of Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is interesting. It kind of reminds me of a heavy hair brush but without the bristles. The long handle makes it easy for gripping and maneuvering over the body. The side with the control panel has a textured pattern with hundreds of embossed diamond shapes. I’m not certain if the texture is meant for aesthetics or functional purposes. But the company said it can be used for warming up but I did not feel much vibration on the textured side. Moving along, the side containing the PulsePlate is where you’ll find all the action.

Let’s Get Down Brass Tax


hot octopuss queen bee

Turning on and operating the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is quick and easy. Queen Bee has a series of 4 buttons that let you control the speed and vibrational pattern using just your thumb. The PulsePlate Technology does offer a different sensation from other clitoral vibes. Instead of a high-frequency vibration, the Queen Bee uses a powerful oscillating mechanism.

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Orgasms

Eat your heart out, Cleopatra! The orgasms while using the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee feel different when compared to other wand-style clitoral massagers. What I like about this one is experiencing a new spectrum of sensations. Queen Bee has a really deep, penetrating rumbling feeling. It really rocked me to my core! This toy would be especially good for women who have a hard time achieving orgasm. The intensity of the vibration can result in some women experiencing squirting orgasms–like me. However, I found that anything beyond the fourth power setting too overwhelming. So, I basically remained between 1 and 3 and varied the pattern for a more teasing experience.

Things to Consider

The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee leaves plenty of room for design improvements. First off—this massager is fucking loud! And that is not an overstatement. I don’t know if it’s because of the lack of internal insulation. But Queen Bee is probably one of the loudest toys in my collection. My husband heard me using it when he was in his studio. Another issue I had is the silicone feels oddly sticky, especially when mixed with lube. I did not like having the feeling of sticky hands—but my clit did not mind. Also, the raised PulsePlate makes cleaning a challenge. My unit already had crusty residue stuck in the grooves of the plate and the textured underside. I also think the seams and grooves need leveling out. I’ll take clean and functional over aesthetics any time.

Bang for Your Buck

I test and retest toys and look for things I may have missed. What I discovered is the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is a contender in the wand vibe market. She is powerful and can take you from zero to orgasm in about 30 seconds. But she’s more than just a clitoral vibe. Queen Bee is a wonder in relieving muscle tension while bathing. I gave her a whirl in the bathtub and really liked the combination of hot water and pulsating vibrations. Queen Bee is just as effective while showering too. Thinking how the PulsePlate Technology can help men, my husband enjoyed feeling Queen Bee get busy on the head of his cock.


  • Hot Octopuss Queen Bee is powerful.
  • Competes well with other wand vibes.
  • Easy to operate and lightweight.
  • Sexy design aesthetic.
  • Works on men too.
  • Strong and quick orgasms.
  • May induce squirting orgasms.
  • Great for women who have difficulty in climaxing.


  • Textured side really does not do much.
  • Sticky silicone material.
  • Too many grooves and crevices.
  • Basic packaging, instructions hard to read.
  • Really, really loud!

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