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Intrepid explorers are always looking for more, which is why the possibility of experiencing bigger and better orgasms is so exciting. For most women, the joy of having a clitoral orgasm is often the easiest. Depending on the type of stimulation, clitoral orgasms can go from mild to wild. Then there is the small percentage of women who can achieve climax via vaginal penetration without having direct clitoral contact. But what if you could actually have your cake and eat it too? There is so much our bodies offer in the terms of orgasms. So, we say suit up and let’s go boldly into the unknown—we’re going on the hunt for the G-spot orgasm where great fortune awaits.

The path toward a G-spot orgasm is different for every woman. That’s partly because this tiny nugget of joy is shrouded in so much mystery. Some medical experts are divided on the whole G-spot location, with some saying it simply does not exist, while others are convinced every woman has this unique erogenous hotspot. To disprove the naysayers, and help improve your chances of experiencing higher levels of pleasure, we got out our map and set out to find where the X hits the spot.

One reason this holy grail of erogenous zones remains so elusive is every woman’s genitalia are unique—almost like snowflakes. And depending on the woman, the G-spot can be located deeper inside the vagina or closer to the opening. The underlying tissue is akin to erectile tissue in men and becomes engorged when aroused. So, before beginning your quest, perhaps a good round of foreplay will help with the discovery process.

photo-shopg1Your ultimate tool for this expedition will be the Je Joue G-Kii. This brand from the UK is known for their elegant designs and discreet appearance. They use only 100% body-safe silicone that feels amazing to touch. You can tell the quality when you rub your fingers over it—luxuriously smooth—and it goes a lot more places than just your fingertips so you don’t want to skimp!

And Je Joue knows the G-spot. They worked with the Gynecological Association and were able to compare the measurements of over 10,000 women’s anatomies. This insight allowed them to create a toy that can be customized to fit you to a T. Unlike other toys, which tend to be one-size-fits-all, the G-Kii has a unique inner structure, allowing it to bend and hold shape. Just press the discreet button on the side to find the fit for you.

The G-Kii can work to both stimulate your G-spot or clitoris, or both at the same time. It’s like having the Swiss Army Knife at your pleasurable disposal. The G-Kii can go anywhere, and do anything. This bit of flexibility is what really sold me on how functional it was for exploring my G-spot.

Let’s Begin

Before you even begin, give yourself permission to just sit back (or lay) and relax and take your time. Take a few deep breaths and allow the tension to slowly release. Feeling relaxed can help you to better tune into your body while exploring. And since this is not a race to the finish line, take your time and enjoy the sensations. Also, don’t stress out if you can’t locate your G-spot the first time either. Even the greatest of explorers did not find their mark the first couple of time. Letting go of your expectations will really help in allowing your sense to take hold.

Before engaging your toy, I recommend inserting the pointer finger into your vagina and press gently towards your stomach using a come hither motion. While inside, you should be able to feel a bit of raised tissue about the size of a quarter approximately two inches inside the vagina. Another way for exploring the G-Spot is to move your fingers along the top wall of your vagina toward the pubic bone. Also, having a semi-full bladder can help add pressure from the other side and offers a hint of nice sensation.

Once you feel comfortable with the general location of the G-spot, you can begin navigation with the G-Kii. Insert the toy with it wrapped upwards toward your clit. Alternate the pressure between your clit and G-spot with a gentle rocking motion. Try not to start with direct pressure because your nerve endings can become desensitized and you may lose most of the sensation. This is why a proper warm-up is so important.

photo-shop7Start with a slow but steady rhythm. There are a few moves you can try with the G-Kii: shift it up towards your G-spot to thump it, draw a circle around it (great if you can’t take too much pressure), or move across it by moving the toy to the left and right. Once you have your target in sight, start to vary it up with speed and pressure. Use a lot of lube—even if you feel like you don’t need it. It will help you in the long haul. For the G-Kii, I recommend water-based lubes, and I have always had good results with a few dabs überlube.

Some women feel like they have to pee during one of these orgasms, but relax and go with the flow, so to speak. Everything is closely connected down there, so it is totally normal. Pro-tip! Remove the toy immediately before you come to help you squirt. Anything—toys or fingers—can block the flow of fluids. Also, if you never quite get there, that is okay too. Some women get more pleasure from this type of stimulation than others. But hey! It’s always fun to try.

If you can get there, the G-spot orgasm will leave you drained, hazy, and stumbling to the bathroom afterwards—in other words, totally worth it! But if you don’t succeed—try and try again and again.