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It’s exciting to share my personal experience with the Chakubs Crystal Dildo and Kegel Ball, seeing as I am huge “crystal enthusiast.” If you don’t already know about Chakrubs, they are a female-centric sexual wellness brand. They create beautifully hand-crafted sex toys from 100% pure organic crystals. Their intention is to create in women a feeling of love and a sense of sexual and spiritual well-being. Some women state feeling peaceful and balanced after using a Chakrubs for a while. So, I thought, why not! It’s always worth some self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Crystals have perfect molecular structures. They have a positive effect on our electro-magnetic fields. When our energetic bodies are at ease then we are at ease. We can then feel open to healing, peace, love, and all of life’s pleasures.

Slider_2_-_Sexual_Healing__Powered_By_CrystalsLittle Pleasures

Chakrubs invests a lot of time and energy making a product that can last lifetimes. And their packaging helps sustain that idea. Opening my box is an event in itself. My Chakrub arrived wrapped in a gorgeous silk storage pouch. Inside a wax sealed envelope are details on how the company crafts each Chakrub. It’s impressive knowing that my Chakrub is one of a kind and no one will ever have the same design. The presentation of the packaging is just a precursor of what’s to come next.

Handling Your Chakrubs

Product-Chakrub-Green-Jade-Pink-Heart-Lightsouthern-ToysI get a lot of you aren’t into the touchy-feely new age way of thinking. That’s okay. This is all based on my personal experience. I believe it’s important to highlight why it’s a good idea to handle your Chakrub with care and respect. I understand crystals have the power to absorb energy. So it’s a good practice to cleanse and energize yours before using. To begin, start by running it under water for five minutes and place it in a bowl of Sea Salt for 24-hours. This helps to clear out the unwanted energy so you can imprint your own. Remember, your Chakrub is unique and carries vital life energy. It can transport you into orgasmic realms. Please take care, especially when letting anyone else handle it.

Batteries Never Needed

Chakrubs runs solely with your own energetic pattern. I actually feel more connected to myself using this product. There’s no need for batteries, cables, or recharging stations. You won’t ever have to worry about it breaking down and leaving you frustrated.


Rub Away the Blues

I was fortunate to get the Indigo Dildo. Not only is it simply a visual marvel, it has a heftiness to it. This Chakrub is made from 100% Blue Aventurine Crystal and is designed to promote inner strength and harmony and stimulating the third eye the throat chakra. It represents the elements of Wind and Water and truly feels calming. The shape of this toy is perfectly sized and fits my body. What I really enjoyed about this Chakrub is it instantly warmed to my body, making it fun for temperature play.

hqdefaultThe fact that each Chakrub is seamless makes rubbing it on the most delicate area feel amazing. Because external stimulation is more my thing, I used the slender tip of the Indigo and gently swirled against my clitoris. The heft and weight felt lifelike when my eyes were closed. I was really getting into the visualization and slowly inserted the Chakrub into my vagina. As soon as it went inside, I experienced small yet delightful spasms.

Now, I don’t know if it was my imagination or the energetic workings of the Chakrub, but there were visions of being surrounded by a group of beautiful people taking turns at pleasuring me. Then finally, I burst with the most delicious orgasm ever! It was literally breathtaking!

A feeling of overwhelming relaxation washed over my body just after climaxing. I laid for a few minutes with the Chakrub resting on my stomach and quickly feel asleep.

When the energy of the crystal combines with your own sexual energy, expect your chakras to light up, your heart to open, and your body to become more sensitive to subtle sexual energy.

Untitled-2Yoni, Yoni

The ancient Chinese culture has used vaginal strengthen exercises for hundreds of years. Commonly referred to as Kegel exercises, women insert their special yoni egg and squeeze. Kegels are an essential part of my daily routine too. Adding the Chakrub Rose Quartz Yoni Egg has offered me more than just stronger muscles, it also results in some powerful orgasms too. This particular yoni (meaning sacred temple) egg is designed to open the Heart Chakra and create harmonized emotions.

This egg comes in two versions. I highly recommend getting the one with the pull-string. That way you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck. Just a little dabble of lube will do. Hold the egg with the tapered end upward and gently slide it into the vagina. Start by doing some gentle squeezing, like you’re stopping the stream of pee, and squeeze again. You’ll begin noticing that you can hold it a bit longer every time you use it. The Yoni Egg is also great for external stimulation too. My Rose Quartz egg is easy to maneuver and it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. I truly love the sensation as it rubs across my clit.

To understand that you hold all the mysteries of the universe within yourself, is to begin a life-long journey of discovery.

Whether or not you believe in the spiritual aspects of crystals, one thing is for certain. Owning and using a Chakrubs feels really good—just be open to the experience and let the magic happen.