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TENGA is a brand of male pleasure products with the goal and desire to bring masturbation and sexual wellness to the mainstream.

Eradicating the obscenities and lewd imagery attached to the act of masturbation and taboos of communicating about sexual wellness, TENGA aims to spread knowledge and advice regarding masturbation.

The company was started in Japan and made a big splash stateside with the introduction of its Egg line of disposable male masturbators. Available in a variety of different silicone ribbed designs, the Egg is just the tip of the expansive line.

For more than one pleasure in a product, the Double Head features two sides, one that firmly grips the male member while the other end gently surrounds it. The Rolling Head Cup’s flexibility means stimuli can come back-and-forth, left-and-right while the Deep Throat Cup gives you an idea of what type of pleasure you’ll derive from it. These type of masturbators are designed to last only up to several uses. Permanent bliss can be achieved with the Flip Hole. The Flip Hole differs from other male masturbators in two main ways. One, it is not designed as a synthetic vagina, but rather lined with an assortment of silicone nubs, gates, flaps and controllable pumps making it more tailored to deliver pleasure. Two, the Flip Hole opens completely to make clean-up easier and much more hygienic.

We suggest investing in a Tenga Flip Hole for the home and a 6-pack of Tenga Eggs for those long and lonely business trips.