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I’ve been with my partner for years and we both love anal sex. In fact, our toy collection is a testament to the years of bedroom adventures. Our toy box is brimming with all types of molded dildos and butt plugs in varying shapes and sizes. It wasn’t until recently, however, we started adding vibration to the mix with the likes of prostate massagers and wands. But like too many mechanized toys, we also started having technical difficulties. Some toys not holding their charge, or are difficult to charge, not easy to operate or turn on, loss of intensity during play, difficult cleanup, not as waterproof as they claim.

Oh, and don’t get me started with a certain “waterproof” vibrator. After getting water in the battery chamber and not working for days, it suddenly decided to turn itself on at 2 in the morning. Imagine being woken up with something that sounds like pipes bursting. When it comes to sex toys, we were in dire need of an upgrade.

Feel the B-Vibe

Thank goodness for the B-Vibe Rimming Anal Plug. My partner and I agree that this is a great toy for solo or partnered play. It really has become one of the go-to toys for us. We like it because it works consistently and without effort and frustration, has a great sensation, a strong vibration, and is easy to clean up.


Does it feel like actual rimming?

No, of course not: a penetrating plug that vibrates in its base is never going to replicate the sensation of a warm tongue in your ass crack.  But what the B-Vibe does offer more than makes it a worthy toy for the bedroom.

3Sized Just Right

The insertable length of the B-Vibe is almost 5-inches. It has enough heft to feel substantial without crossing into too much discomfort or pain.  Its smooth tapered design allows easy insertion with a little lube. If you’ve never delved into anal penetration, it might seem a little much at first, but once you relax and get it inside, it fits comfortably. The B-vibe applies pressure to your insides (prostate, guys) while the motors in the neck of the toy get to work on your anal entry.

Find Your Setting

The B-Vibe has six settings of varying intensity and rhythm. These settings are easily accessed from the remote control or by hitting the button on the base of the toy. The B-vibe goes from low pulsing vibrations to a throbbing, intense pulse that shudders around the neck of the toy and against the anal entry point. The designers did not skimp with technology. The flow in an order logical to sex play. For example, if you want to shift up the settings during play, simply release and build onto the higher setting. This is a great method of teasing you into a satisfactory climax. I learned that leaving it on one preferred setting can result in just as much pleasure, though—it’s all about your mood and feeling at the time.

5Get Your Motor Running

If you’re into rimming and ass play then you will find the B-vibe quite thrilling. Unlike prostate massagers or vibrators, all the motorized action happens at the base of the plug; where your ass constricts to hold it in. The vibratory action in the shifting beads in the neck is strong enough on some settings that the plug itself vibrates strongly against the prostate (if you’re a guy) and interior of your anus.

Smooth Operator

Once again, the genius’s at B-vibe thought of everything including charging.  The magnetic USB charger attaches effortlessly to the charge point on the B-Vibe and has an indicator light showing you it’s charging. Charging the B-vibe is relatively quickly, and once charged, operates for a long period of pleasure. I did experience that some vibration settings seem to wear down the charge more quickly than others. Unless you’re an endless edger, by the time the B-vibe wears out, you will have climaxed or you and your partner may have moved on to other areas of contact and play.

2Low Maintenance

This B-vibe is truly waterproof! Other toy makers claim waterproof. But in actuality, water eventually seeps into the battery chamber, making the toy inoperable. But not the B-Vibe! Its silicone exterior holds up to types of liquids. This makes the B-vibe really easy to clean and maintain.

What Won Me Over

Sex toy companies have come far with their packaging. In fact, what really won my affection for the B-vibe is its handy travel case. This is really a nice addition complementing the quality of the toy. 

Getting to Know the B-vibe

Now that my partner and I have had some time to experiment, here are some pointers: 

  • 4Solo edging and masturbation—extend your jack session and match it to the intensity of the plug.
  • Mutual masturbation:  Purchase 2 B-Vibe Rimming Toys.  Both of you insert it inside. Edge and jack while altering each other’s settings.  Hands off each other:  just observe and orgasm.
  • Make them squirm while they suck: Insert it in your partner and adjust the settings with the remote while you give and receive head.  The penetrated partner will respond quite interestingly in their felating efforts based on what you make the B-vibe do. You can also treat them to a very intense time by providing stimulation to their ass and genitals at the same time if you want to do the sucking.
  • Fuck your partner while the B-vibe is inside you.  It’s a pretty great feeling to have your ass massaged and a decent size plug inside your bottom while you buck up inside your partner. Intensifies the orgasm greatly.

Because we’re both males, we can’t vouch for how great it would feel for a woman, but guys listen up! If you’re open to sticking something up your ass, the B-vibe makes sex and ejaculation more intense and enjoyable.

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