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Alright, prostate stimulators! There’s a toy that everyone is raving about, called the Aneros MGX Classic. This prostate stimulator is giving guys the chance to experience full-body orgasms not typically available with conventional sex techniques. Here’s the breakdown of what I experienced while using the Aneros MGX Classic.

Aneros MGX ClassicWhat is the Aneros MGX Classic?

The Aneros MGX prostate stimulator is designed to work with your body’s movements by stimulating the prostate (P-spot) and perineum in a rhythmic motion. The constant pressure and movement stimulates the P-spot, which in turn causes some pretty explosive orgasms.

Beginner’s F*ck

I would like to start off by pointing out a few key features of the Aneros MGX Classic.

  • It has a low-profile body with a tapered base that allows for easy penetration.
  • Once inserted, it stays in place and feels comfortable.
  • Crafted from high-quality body-safe plastic, it can be used with any type of lube.
  • Aesthetically pleasing form and its white color is non-threatening.

With that being said, if you’re interested in exploring anal play but not sure where to begin, the Aneros MGX Classic will surprise you.

How it Works

I get that a lot of guys are put off by putting anything in their ass. But if you truly want to experience powerful orgasms, internal prostate stimulation is the way to go. The Aneros MGX delicate shape and design causes the anal sphincter to naturally contract, making it so you don’t have to use it manually. That’s right—no hands.

Aneros MGX ClassicHow it Feels

The slim-lined design of the Aneros MGX Classic feels completely natural once inside. I immediately felt a difference as it applied pressure against my P-spot. It does not interfere with your pleasure during sex. In fact, this toy can provide a wide array of new and exciting sensation while having sex. The downside, for me, however; was the swirled handle. Not that it gets in the way—it just sometimes interfered with my more daring side such as wearing long-term or while running errands. Other than that, it felt really nice rocking inside my body.

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Here’s the thing I like about using prostate stimulators: better and stronger orgasms. Although I prefer something girthier and stronger, the Aneros MGX Classic offered the perfect mix of pleasure and fit. The bottom line is if you’re looking to get started, you may want to give this product a chance. After all, it’s not the size the matters, it’s what you do with it that truly counts.

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