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Review by Emmeline Peaches

The Liberator Hipster is the wild ride of the Liberator Original Label Collection. Unlike the Wedge (which I’ve previously reviewed), Ramp or Jaz, the Liberator Hipster doesn’t just incorporate an inclining angle. Instead, it boasts a wonderfully quirky wave effect which suitably goes against the mainstream design of the Original Label Collection.


The Hipster sports the phrase “Curves in all the right places” which I completely adore but, although I admit to having great fun with the Hipster, the effectiveness of these curves might depend on the people using them much more than something like the Wedge might. With great curves comes great responsibility.

The Liberator Hipster is one of Liberator’s amazing pieces of sex furniture. These products are essentially made out of custom designed foam wedges. These wedges are expertly shaped and hold the perfect amount of density to accommodate multiple vigorous encounters between sexual partners. Most of the images used to demonstrate Liberator’s line of furniture are hetero-centric and focus on monogamy but the truth is that the products themselves are incredibly accessible to people of all genders, shapes, and sizes.

My Liberator Hipster came to me in a special compressed bag, which helps reduce excess shipping waste and really shows Liberator’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. This doesn’t affect the quality, shape, or overall aesthetics of the product but it’s still an incredibly important point to my mind. Once removed from this eco-compressed packaging the Liberator Hipster is very easy to set up. From there it’s entirely up to you how you use it.

As with every piece of sex furniture from Liberator, the Hipster sports a beautiful microfiber cover which feels velvety against the skin, can cope with fluids, and is incredibly easy to wash. One of the best aspects of this cover is that it tends to grip well against the skin and other materials such as the fabric sheets on a bed. This minimizes slipping, which is essential when it comes to sex furniture.


One of the things that really struck me about the Hipster is just how big it was in comparison to my Wedge. Any piece of sex furniture is bound to take up some space but it’s hard to envision the Hipster’s 34-inch length and 24-inch width until it’s suddenly taking up a sizeable amount of your double bed. For me, this was both a good thing and a bad thing. The bad was obviously having to accommodate and store a large piece of sex furniture in my house. The good was that the larger size of the Hipster compared to the Wedge means more stability, more leeway and more room to explore. The pros certainly outweigh the cons in my mind.

That’s what the Hipster really embodies to me too: Unlike the Wedge (which is pretty straight forward) The Hipster really does feel like an object of pure exploration. There are so many different ways to approach its various curves and sloping angle and doing so is a big part of the fun during use.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dive onto the Hipster and slide off of it on more than one occasion due to my enthusiasm. There have also been some incidents where I totally misjudged how a position would feel and ended up with my neck at the wrong angle or a leg cramp. But all of this felt like more of an exciting adventure rather than an inconvenience. Together Mr. Peaches and I learned how the Hipster worked for us and it brought us multiple hours of joy, in addition to a fair share of orgasms.

So what were the best parts of the Hipster for us?

Well initially I thought it would be a winner for doggy style but it turns out that the higher slope is just too high for us and the low slope too low. That’s not to say that we can’t use it for doggy, but we do prefer the Wedge for this.

One of the suggested uses for the Hipster is to use it with the woman on her side, legs spread, and the guy kneeling to thrust. I have to say this was an absolutely inspired idea on Liberator’s part and the Hipster provides the perfect angle for this position. In my mind Liberator’s furniture so often moves beyond becoming sexual enhancers and, instead, become enablers for a greater sexual experience. This was certainly the case for us in this position, as I wouldn’t dream of doing it without a reasonable amount of elevation.


I also got a fair amount of use from the Hipster by being on top. In this position the Hipster provided me with a fantastic angle for G-Spot stimulation and the right amount of leverage to enable vigorous thrusting on both our ends. As a larger lady any confidence and mobility boost when I’m on top is much appreciated, so the Hipster gets a gold star for this.

In fact, I’d like to give the Hipster a trophy for its ability to enable G-Spot enhancing positions. No matter how we tried the Hipster I typically found that it allowed Mr. Peaches to hit my G-Spot as if his penis was a targeting missile. Because of that I feel like the angles of the Hipster are well-designed to facilitate this and so would be great for those who love G-Spot action, or those still trying to locate theirs with a partner.

So, are there any downsides to the Hipster? Well, it’s hard to really pinpoint anything objectively wrong with it when the Hipster itself is such a subjective object. How you approach it determines what you’ll get out of it and not everything that worked for me with the Hipster will work for you. At its core the Hipster is simply a really well-designed piece of foam which is custom-made to please in the bedroom.

For some it is this very simplicity which they may dislike. Considering the Hipster is, on a physical level, a piece of foam covered in a microfiber sleeve it can be hard justifying its £149.99 price tag. However I personally believe that the Hipster (and all of Liberator’s sex furniture) is so much more than that. Sure, it’s a piece of foam but it’s the perfect type of high-density foam which has been expertly designed for the specific purpose of fucking. Pillows and other sexual aids are great but they can never rival a piece of Liberator furniture and now that I’ve tried the Hipster and Wedge I can never go back to the old days of layering pillows under my back.


Of course, some people may decide that they’d prefer a different piece of Liberator furniture, but that’s not an issue with the Hipster itself, more a personal preference.

The only downsides I could really slam the Hipster with are its size and the fact that I found I slid on it a bit more than with the Wedge. But these are minimal compared to the benefits of the Hipster. Plus it makes a comfy post-sex cushion too.

Final Thoughts

Overall I can’t deny that the Hipster is not as straightforward as some of its angular counterparts but that is the exact thing that makes it so compelling. I found the Hipster’s curvaceous design to be an exciting romp which allowed me to discover new positions and appreciate old ones from a different angle. It’s exciting, it’s sizeable and it’s perfect for learning about your own body and that of your partner/s.

As with most Liberator furniture I think that the Hipster has sincere potential to be a game-changer for some people. It’s up to you to decide if you’re one of them.

Recommend to:

People who like curved sex furniture.

People looking to explore.

People who like high and low angles.

Do Not Recommend to:

People looking for a larger Wedge (get the Ramp).

People who dislike wavy designs.

People who can’t justify the price tag.

The Hipster was provided to me by Liberator in exchange for an honest review.