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Review from A Roll in the Hay

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

Oh, sex furniture, I love you so.  Liberator is famous for producing dense foam sex cushions in a variety of styles, shapes, coverings, and heights.  They offer everything from simple cushions to raise the hips to full size functional furniture to specialized pieces for BDSM with bondage hookups.  Today I’m reviewing the latter, the Obeir Spanking Bench.

spankbench7 copyWhat I loved: With this kind of item, it’s hard to really give a good what I love description. It either works, or it doesn’t. And boy oh boy, does it work! He and I tried spanking in a variety of positions, but there were three specific ones that worked amazingly well.

The first was with the receiver (me) kneeling, with the shorter side under my knees, and the taller side under my chest/stomach. This was the most comfortable for me, as it cushioned my knees. My knees are very sensitive.  At the same time, it amply supported my torso, so even when my wrists were bound to the D-rings on the bench, I didn’t feel like I was going to fall over. [Safety note: when practicing bondage, it is very easy to lose your balance.  Never leave a bound person unattended, and research, know, and follow all bondage safety protocols.]

The second way was leaning the other direction, with hands on the lower platform or on the floor next to it. The back of the bench is tall enough that my knees barely touch the floor if my hands are on the floor next to the platform, or touch but without my full weight if my hands are on the platform. It’s not as comfortable as the other way around with my knees on the platform, but still very tolerable, especially if I put some kind of barrier, like a towel, between my knees and the floor. The position still feels comfortable and stable.

The third way was with him sitting on the back of the bench and me leaning over his lap for an over-the-knee spanking, which, frankly, I’ve always loved but always felt awkward, like I’m going to fall off his lap. Since the bench is wide and armless, this position is easier than it is on a sofa or bed, and leaves me more exposed.

The bottom of the bench has four rings, one on each corner. These are to attach the optional cuffs (sold separately and will be discussed in an upcoming review).  It’s a great touch for a piece of furniture designed with power play in mind.

What I didn’t: Even though you can supposedly use the Obeir as a sex positioner as well, we found that it’s too high in some positions and too low in others to suit our needs. For comparison, I am 5’6″ and he is 5’9″, so your mileage may vary.

I also know my limits.  Things like this?


This is not happening with me. This would end with me going head first into the floor. But then again, I pulled a ligament in my foot the other day when I tripped over nothing.

Final thought: The Obeir starts at $159 for the base model without attachments. Honestly, worth it. I could easily see it sold for $200, and still be ok. If you are a spanking fan, or want to branch out your bondage or power play, it’s definitely worth a look.