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When it comes to sex toys, we’ve seen them all. Everything from streamlined vibrating, electro-stim finger pads, to an ultra-modern toy with its own movie. Sometimes sex toys are a huge success, changing couples lives forever, while others simply fall flat and fade away. That’s why whenever a new toy makes it across our threshold, we are all excited to see its pleasurable possibilities, but we can be hard to impress.



Recently, a new brand in the luxury sex toy market has emerged—AVE (pronounced Ahh-vee). One look at their line up, and we knew they were onto something special. Combining technology, innovation, and Scandinavian style, AVE has introduced us to something fresh and exciting. Their distinctive attention to every detail will probably put sex toys in the mainstream spotlight. According to the companies literature, AVE’s name is derived from the old Danish term, “Holde I Ave,” and refers to a moment of being in control of the uncontrollable. With that being said, AVE offers its users just that—a tool that harnesses limitless thrills, plus a fresh perspective within the pleasure industry.

For AVE, the desire to create new and inventive pleasure products has brought together a team of creatives from across the globe, with each designer possessing varied skill sets in design and technology. To experience AVE, one has to imagine “a world above the sky, where clouds elevate the senses and indulgence takes hold.” Hey that sounds really nice! So we aimed for the stars and tried to find our cloud nine.

DCS View01_V2_Low_ResNIMBUS

Straight out of the box, it made a huge impression, even though it is kinda small. Since AVE is a European company, they have a very sophisticated look. No detail is left unattended, even the box is really polished looking and does not look how you think a sex toy would look. But the toy was the most impressive part. It’s lightweight and compact, just for the clitoris. It looks exactly like a cloud and has ripples and curves that make it look elegant. Each of the contours feel smooth, and depending on how it’s held, it offers a variety different of sensations. Don’t let its small size fool you though. This baby is packed with a powerful motor and has a number of vibration modes. I like the size because making my way through the TSA checkpoint will be a breeze.

PROS: Travel friendly, easy to handle, discreet motor, unique design and curves creates new sensations.

CONS: Turning it on and off was a challenge.



To be honest, I did not take the time to read the enclosed literature because I did not want it to taint my overall review, but the packaging and presentation was very luxurious. The design of the Alto itself makes it look more like a home decor item than a sex toy. Since this particular product was labeled as waterproof, I tried it out in the bath. At first, I was a bit confused on how to turn it on, but soon found the hidden on-button near the back of the handle. Not good if you can’t figure out how to turn the thing on, but pretty nice once you do. What really got my motor revving, were the smooth ripples of the shaft and its curved shape. That, mixed with the vibrations, made for an interesting combination. Inserting the Alto felt nice, especially with the upper clitoral stimulator, but not as good as external stimulation. Overall, I liked it for internal stimulation but loved it for the external. The nice thing is you can have both!

PROS: Does not look like a sex toy, great to use in the bath, recharging is easy, feels super-smooth.

CONS: White silicone outer shell stains easily, hard to locate the on/off switch.



Running my fingers tips across it’s smooth silicone surface made me want to get naked right then and there, but then I think this toy was designed for something different. With this toy, I felt deserving of just taking my time and exploring the more sensual side of self-love. It felt like this is something special, not to be rushed. More than just decoration, it’s extremely functional and powerful. My favorite mode was the pulsations. It offered a teasing sensation that allowed me to embrace the orgasmic build up. Also, I used it not just for clitoral stimulation. I loved feeling the silicone against my nipples too. “Inspired pleasure” indeed! But the awesome looks do have their drawbacks. While it looks very fancy, I worry about it being easy to clean after a while. But overall, when I’m looking to really take my time and give myself a treat, this is the toy I will turn to.

PROS: Great design elements, enjoyed the alternative vibration levels, really soft material, made me feel super-sexy.

CONS: Makes me want the whole collection. What to do, what to do?

Beads View01 White_Low_Res_BSTRATOS

Of all the workouts in the world, it’s kegel’s that are my fav. Why? Because they keep my vaginal muscles tight and I don’t have to haul my ass to to the gym. Being somewhat of a kegel expert, I’m always on the look out for the next best thing. That, and the fact, that my lady parts get used to weights, it’s always a good idea to switch things up a bit. So, when I got my hands on the Stratos, I was eager to get back home and put something in my vagina that looked more dignified than what I’ve been using. It really looks like clouds! What did the Stratos feel like? First, it felt like trying to shift a circular tampon around in my vagina. It wasn’t unpleasant, but wasn’t as sexually stimulating as I initially imagined. But after about ten reps of the squeeze and release, I started to feel a light pleasurable sensation directed right toward my G-spot, although with no orgasmic results. I do think there is promise of my becoming a well-fitted sex diva after regular use, but it is too early to report long term results.

PROS: Feel immediate results (although have to use it for a while), don’t have to use both balls, love the sound they make when moving around, feels really soft.

CONS: May be too big for beginners, concerned that lube may get stuck under and around the shiny embellishments, white silicone could look dirty after a while.