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Tested by countless couples, the Liberator Wedge is designed to provide the best angles for deeper penetration and intense sensations. How can big results come from such a petite package? The Wedge is more than meets the eye—or any other body part.


The 27-degree angle offers the perfect pitch for couples. The added lift to her hips ensures that he does not have to work as hard to go deeper. Plus he can last longer and go stronger because the pressure is taken off his back and knees.

Liberator Wedge

Enjoy the ultimate from-behind experience with the Wedge. Precise angling lets her relax while being tilted and lifted at the hips, taking pressure off her lower back. For him, it provides better access for deeper penetration and longer sessions.

Liberator Wedge

The Wedge is the ideal height to take pressure off his neck and shoulders, allowing him to perform longer, and with her hips tilted forward, she’ll  be able to feel increased sensations.

Liberator Wedge

The Wedge offers greater access for anal play. With her hips and pelvis tilted forward, she can relax as he maintains control over his depth and pace.

Liberator Wedge

With his knees draped over the Wedge, it is easy for him to flex and press his hips upwards, while she comfortably sits astride and leans back for amazing penetration.

Want to add a toy? Check out the Axis-Magic Wand

Liberator Axis Magic Wand

You get a lot of the same exciting pleasure from the Axis-Magic Wand as you do the Wedge, but it has the added benefit of a space to securely hold your Magic Wand. Couples can enjoy access and lift in a variety of new positions, with or without a toy.