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Top 5 Plus Size Sex Positions to Try

Great sex and orgasms is a human right! No matter your size. Although excessive weight may limit you to some things, it by no means should ever limit your sexual expression. The key to having a fulfilling sex life is taking things from a different angle. So, no matter how heavy you may look or feel, memorable and mind-blowing experiences are possible with these top 5 plus size sex positions using Liberator Sex Furniture.


1 – On A Mission

Plus size sex positions

Take Flight

Starting off the top 5 plus size sex positions is this off-the-bed trick using the Liberator Ramp. First off—don’t worry about sliding off this sex wedge. It’s covered in an amazing micro-fiber material that is non-slipping and feels really good against your naked body. Start off by laying back on the Ramp and have your lover help position your body upward. The angle and support of the Ramp really make spreading your legs feel effortless, giving him full access to your most sensitive bits. Because the Ramp provides better access, you or your lover can reach in between your legs for added clitoral stimulation.

2 – Dinner for Two

plus size sex positions

Shameless Wonder

69 is usually off the menu for a lot of plus-size lovers. That’s because of the weight not being evenly distributed which can lead to plenty of awkward moments. Helping to creating a better place for oral sex, we devised these plus size sex positions using the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo stacked under a few of the Liberator Lifts. Once again, don’t worry about sliding off or sinking into the Shapes, as they are made from high-density foam. Depending on the required height, place your sex wedges onto one or three of the foam sex platforms. Once you are comfortably situated, your lover can lean over and provide you with immense oral pleasure.

3 – Even it Out

plus size sex positions

The Crossroads

Plus size sex positions can work for anybody and especially for those who want more controlled penetration. We love using the Liberator ESSE. This sturdy sex lounger provides great leverage for anyone who is overweight. Designed to work with up to 400 pounds, the ESSE is a contoured platform that lets couples easily transition between positions. For plus size women, we recommend trying out this modified cowgirl position. You can use your legs for pushing your body upward while your feet remain grounded on the floor.

4 – Super Doggy

plus size sex positions

Take a Bow

Couples can comfortably perform doggy with these plus size sex positions that are easily modified. For deeper, more intense penetration, rest your knees at the top of the Ramp and bend forward to rest your chest, neck, and shoulders on the Wedge. You can reach a climactic end by reaching vibrator between your legs to stimulate the clitoris.

plus size sex positions

Sitting Pretty

The Hipster lets you embark on a journey of discovering all sort of plus size sex positions. Curved, contoured and designed to hold you up, this sex pillow provides you with the perfect amount of elevation which prevents the dreaded burn. Lean your body forward and use your legs for bouncing on his member. He gets a hot looking show, while you reap sensational pleasure. Once penetration has occurred, you can also lean further out so he can provide a bit of anal stimulation.


Our Plus-Size Sex Positions feature the Plus Size  Ramp, Wedge and Combo are wider to support more weight without giving away any support. They are recommended for lovers over 300 pounds. For those more adventurous, the Esse provides 360-degree positioning with a wider body than the Esse Chaise, and the Zeppelin helps take pressure off knees, wrists and other pressure points. Enjoy!

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