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Modified Sex Positions for a Sore Back

There are a lot of people in the world who suffer from having sore backs. Adding insult to injury is that pain can potentially lead to a lot of suffering in the bedroom too—edging you out of having any semblance of a satisfying sex life. That can be frustrating considering that orgasms are mother nature’s way of killing the pain. It’s really not fair! We have good news though! No matter your limitations, you can still experience having an exciting sex life with these modified sex positions for a sore back.

Here are a few of the modified sex positions for a sore back.

Modified Missionary

The Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo is hailed as the “greatest invention for sex since the bed” for a reason. 1. They are great for creating hot sex positions for a sore back. 2.These Shapes are designed for helping people with sore backs by providing a perfect incline. You are not fighting with gravity by laying flat against the bed. The Combo creates a more neutralized surface that takes pressure off your back, pelvis, and hips. With this modified sex positions for a sore back, men can use their legs and hips instead of the back muscles for more powerful thrusting. For women with sore backs, start by stacking the Wedge at the end of the Ramp. You can adjust the pitch by moving it further up or down the Ramp. Once you found the sweet spot, simply lie back and relax. This off-the-bed position keeps the pressure off his joints as well.

Modified sex positions for a sore back

Modified Cowgirl

The Liberator Esse Chaise makes modified sex positions for a sore back feel way more enjoyable. Couples of all sizes will be able to fully connect while having the upper and lower back completely supported.  This modified sex position really benefits both partners but is great for men with sore backs. The width of the ESSE Chaise is ideal for straddling while the height allows both feet on the ground. Using your thigh muscles, gently move up and down, or use your hips for grinding. For the partner on the bottom, simply use your hips and legs to thrust upward, rather than pulling on the back muscles.

Modified sex positions for a sore back


Blissful Situation

There are plenty of alternatives to sexual intercourse, especially if your sore back is too much to bear. Just because you are immobile does not mean you have to miss out on being sexually expressive. Use the Liberator Center Stage as a portable erotic massage table and get touch-feely. The Center Stage comes equipped with a supportive foam bolster. The most effective sex positions for a sore back is slipping the bolster under the hips and raising the pelvis. Your partner can then offer a heated oil massage with a happy ending.

Modified sex positions for a sore back

Modified Oral Sex

According to Lisa Stern, RN, MSN in Los Angeles, “Orgasms release a chemical called oxytocin, which facilitates bonding, relaxation, and other positive mental states. Having an orgasm, although short-lived, can result in up to ten minutes of pain relief.” Promote pain-relieving warm-fuzzies with the Liberator Heart Wedge. Designed for plus-sized figures, this plush-foam support sex wedge offers ample space for women with sore backs. The incline helps with spreading your legs further apart while the cutout notch makes it easier for your partner to access your goody basket. The great thing about this inclined sex pillow is they will be able to perform longer oral sessions that won’t hurt their neck either.

Modified sex positions for a sore back

Modified Doggy

Doggy on a flat surface is hard enough. Throw in a sore back and things won’t last long. These modified sex positions for sore backs are made simple with just a slight incline. Sometimes just a tiny tilt using elevation makes all the difference in how your sore reacts to pain.  The Liberator Hipster is uniquely shaped for helping you prolong from-behind positions. Because of its contoured design, your body will feel cradled and completely supported. Offering a variety of scenarios, the Hipster lets you 1. remain propped up on the elbows, or 2. lie flat across the Shape. Adding to the sensual experience is its amazingly soft and machine washable fabric cover.

Modified sex positions for a sore back