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Our new Equus Wave, a 5-in-1 positioning platform, offers the best angles for deeper intimacy and exciting positions. Best of all, your neighbors will never suspect you have piece of sex furniture (until they hear your partner screaming out your name).

A Bench Sized for Straddling

Equus Wave

Use the Equus Wave stacked as a bench and get easy access and comfortable straddling.

Get Inverted

Equus Wave

The top section is a unique shape and offers amazing support during missionary and oral positions.

All the Curves for More

Equus Wave

Use the bottom section of the Equus Wave and experience how the curves provide angles for deeper doggy and intense eye contact.

A New Playscape

Equus Wave

Place the two pieces of the Equus Wave in a variety of configurations and create a landscape for intimacy that changes with your needs.

Take it to the Floor

Equus Wave

Discover how you can make floor play more exciting as it frees your movements in any position. The only limit is your imagination!