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The Equus certainly is a great piece of sex furniture. We just purchased a new home and often show our friends around. In these cases, we hide all of the private belongings. You know, the private sex stuff that you wouldn’t want mom and dad to see. Therein lies the problem with larger Liberator Shapes like Hipsters, Ramps, and so on. The great thing about the Equus is it sports an incognito style. To the vanilla mind, it looks just like a bench at the foot of the bed. After dark, however; this piece is a sex Shape for the gods.

First Impressions of the Equus

When my wife told me she was bringing home a giant piece of sex furniture, she wasn’t kidding. The Equus is the width of our queen size bed and a deep enough bench for sitting. Hell, you could fit four people on this thing! It has a smooth velvet feel to it with the sturdiness of a very firm mattress. The overall weight is what one would expect a large dense foam bench to be. It is somewhat heavy. However, heft is good in this case. The Shape does not slide around on our laminate floors even when the pushing gets good.  The cleanup is super simple as well, which is a plus in our books.  

Super-Secret-Incognito-Vanilla Mode

The vanilla uses of the Equus, although, are not the main selling point. Our small dog can hop up on the bed with less worry of her injuring herself.  One can sit on this while putting on sock/boots. Not to mention, the Equus is comfortable on its own as a napping device. The best part for us, other than the practical uses, it this Shape is perfect for couples who enjoy erotic massages. It works really well as a stable platform for giving your partner the best massage ever.

The Dirty Details

My wife and I played on the Equus for about 2 months now. Needless to say, we hardly use the bed for our extended sex sessions anymore. This Shape is great for endurance and versatility.  No joke, doggy style, missionary, and cowgirl. You name it, we’ve done it all. We have even combined it with our other Shapes and toys for fulfilling our needs. Better yet, there is a Black Label version that lets the user(s) incorporate cuffs and restraints directly to the Shape. We would love to get our hands on it one day.

Position Possibilities

  • Doggy style:  No matter your height, the Equus provides the availability for me, the guy, to straddle and give her the good old fashion pounding she deserves. The standing/squatting position allows me to use my legs as well as my core.  
  • Missionary:  One may ask, how do you change missionary? Well, this is one of those things you have to try for yourself to fully grasp how the Equus can change this up. I can put a leg down, grab the edges or just drag her to the end of the Equus.
  • Cowgirl:  Holy cow (pun intended)!  Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are great on the Equus. While riding me, she can actually put her feet on the floor. Gentlemen, if your lady has not straight up squatted up and down on your manhood, your life is not complete. 
  • Bondage: Although we do not have the restraint setup for the Equus yet, we still managed to combine the Wanda Toy Mount, Silk Sashes and a Magic Wand. The lack of sliding of the toy mount and mobility of the Equus lets you get close enough to the wall plug for your Magic Wand. Guys, if you haven’t restrained your lady and pleasured her with a wand, you are doing her a disservice. 

Final Thoughts on the Equus

As I mentioned, the Equus is the incognito sex Shape for the gods. This Shape is comprised of versatility and discretion. There are so many position options to enjoy. The simple yet effective design of the Equus is flawless. Overall, this is my favorite item we have purchased so far.

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