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Take Control with Lazy Cowgirl Sex Position Guide

I know what some of you are thinking. Cowgirl sex position! UGH, TOO MUCH WORK! It makes the thighs burn and the legs shake uncontrollably. That kind of thinking is really a shame because this is one position where you can be in complete control.


Good Girl Riding

Satisfying cowgirl is dependent on two things: confidence and positioning. Some women just won’t do it out of fear their jiggly bits are just too much. But let me tell you from experience, that man you’re riding is loving the view. He’s getting off on seeing your titties bounce and your hips thrusting!  It’s damn sexy, honey! So why not own it?

I have found that most men are just happy that you’re there!. They are not analyzing your every move! What he will pick up on, however; is whether or not you are enjoying yourself. With the cowgirl sex position, you command the show. Slow, fast, swirling or bouncing, it’s all on you, girl. So be greedy—he will eat that shit up!




Now, let’s not waste any more time. On to our favorite cowgirl sex position guide for riding high!


The Wedge is fantastic for cowgirl sex positions. Not only does it help raise up his hips for deeper penetration, it also makes a great leverage point for you. This angle makes it easier for rising up and get more height without as much work. Plus, your weight will be forward, giving you some good momentum and intense G-spot stimulation.


Out of all the positions, the reverse cowgirl sex position is the sexiest! The reason—he gets to watch as his gear goes in and out and you don’t have to exert too much energy! Get more bang for your fuck with the help of the Wedge/Ramp Combo. The Wedge under his knees creates a fulcrum point and lets him thrust upward. And with the Ramp behind him, his head is placed for maximum eye candy!



Spice up your cowgirl with the Black Label Hipster. With him strapped in, you are in complete control. Take your time and tease him. You’ll both be so comfortable you could do this all day. Place your knees on the Shape for extra padding, and he can find the perfect tilt to his hips along the curves of the Hipster. Enjoy exploring what feels best—it’s not like he’s going anywhere!


The Esse Chaise is the ultimate for girl-on-top positions. It has a narrow body and low height, so it is comfortable to straddle. It is easy to place your feet on the floor to get plenty of leverage. This takes some of the pressure off your thigh muscles because you can use your feet and toes to propel you upwards. Plus, he can help by placing his feet on the floor. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever did without cowgirl or an Esse Chaise.


Like the idea of placing your feet on the ground, but don’t have the room for and Esse Chaise? You can make a similar configuration with your Wedge/Ramp Combo and some Lifts. It’s like adult Legos—build your playscape where ever and whenever you want!


One more girl-on-top position that we wanted to mention, only this one you are riding his face. Oral cowgirl positions can be easy if you can rest you bum on his chest. If he is comfortably laid out on the Black Label Esse Chaise, it puts his neck in a prime forward position for hours of pleasure. You will be sitting pretty in this position while grinding your way toward satisfaction.

Now get out there and ride em’, cowgirl!