Aria Convertible Chaise
Aria Convertible Chaise

Liberator is always dreaming up new ways for couples to connect and fuel their passions. We are thrilled to introduce a new lounger to our epic collection of sex furniture — the Aria Convertible Sex Chaise. Behold its seductive curves and expansive size, ready to unfold into your bedroom and become the sensual playground of your dreams. 

Decadent Design

The Aria is a design masterpiece – sinuously sleek, compactly discreet, and effortlessly foldable. It is the perfect solution for couples who want to indulge in some naughty fun without raising suspicion from nosy neighbors, sneaky kids, or prying relatives. You can use the bench for inconspicuous seating, as a sex bench, or as a sex chaise. You can even lounge on the chaise while basking in afterglow, watching tv, or reading a book. What’s more likely is that it will inspire you to explore the Kama Sutra at great length.  

Aria folded open for full length and maximum curves

The Aria is not your ordinary chaise lounge – it is a love lounger on steroids. Not only is it longer than most sex chaises, but it also has ingeniously designed humps and curves. Lay over the top hump for fully supported doggy style; straddle your partner as they sit in the deep curve; or relish lengthy oral sessions without neck strain. I especially love the knee rest if you’re giving oral pleasures – no joint pain here. Best of all, Aria puts you in perfect positions for deeper penetration, better connection, and greater stamina. You can keep reading and look below for a guide to all you can do on the Aria.

Aria folded closed for use as a sex bench or for storage

Fantastic Features

There are lots of features that make the Aria Convertible Sex Chaise exceptional. Expert craftsmanship, premium materials, effortless clean-up, a washable cover and slipcover, and a non-slip base. Every element has been thoughtfully engineered to create the ultimate sexual playground. 

Enduring Quality

Aria unfolded in the bedroom

Take a moment to appreciate the expert craftsmanship that goes into every Aria Convertible Chaise. These magnificent chaises are made with love and attention to detail, ensuring that you get a durable luxury product. They are constructed from premium micro velvet, both soft and inviting to touch.  The dense foam body is super supportive, so you can indulge in all your erotic escapades without any discomfort or squishy sagging. Inferior foam products collapse under significant weight, but the Aria won’t – giving your joints and muscles significant comfort and relief.  Sturdy zippers on the cover and slip cover ensure years of carefree enjoyment. 

It’s about more than simply function – the Aria is also a feast for the eyes. Its innovative contemporary silhouette adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Who knew a sex chaise could be so elegant and enticing?

Covered & Clean

Aria folded and encased in zippered Slipcover

Cleaning up after a lavish evening of sizzling sex is a breeze with the Aria’s washable cover. You can easily unzip to remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine. No need to worry about any spills or stains, because the Aria’s got your back (and your cover). 

If that isn’t enough, the Aria comes with a washable slipcover too. This protective shield for your chaise keeps it safe from any messes, mishaps, and dust bunnies. Plus, it lets your sex chaise go incognito as an innocent end-of-bed bench. You can enjoy your wild adventures without a care in the world, knowing that your Aria is easy to clean, well-protected, and hidden away in plain sight. 

Steady As She Goes

Safety is sexy so the Aria includes a non-slip base. We’ve all had those moments where things get a bit, um, vigorous, and you don’t want your chaise skiing across the room. The non-slip base keeps it firmly in place, so you can let loose without worrying about any unexpected slips or slides. 

Aria folded closed for use as a bench

Hopefully, you can see why I have been so excited about the Aria Convertible Sex Chaise – with its dense foam, expert craftsmanship, washable cover, washable slipcover, non-slip base, and innovative contemporary silhouette. It’s a masterpiece of intimate furniture, inviting provocative sexual experimentation while providing firm support and cozy comfort. The Aria beckons with its irresistible allure and boundless potential. We invite you to explore your desires and try these titillating sex positions.

Perfect POWER Positions

Direct your attention to the main event – the spectacular sex positions! I’m about to drop 9 different mind-blowing positions to explore on the Aria Convertible Chaise. Vive l’amour!

Kinky Doggy

Kinky Doggy - Knee support for both lovers during doggy

Use the top hump to achieve a perfectly supported doggy-style position. Your partner can lay over the hump, ass up, providing extra stability and leverage for deeper penetration. The non-slip base lets you thrust without sliding around. With Aria’s contoured design, you’ll be able to hit the perfect spot.

Amazing Assventures

Anal Adventures - Perfect for Analingus or Anal Sex

With its expertly angled design, the Aria is primed and ready for backdoor exploration. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced anal enthusiast, the Aria provides the ideal support, comfort, and pelvic tilt for analingus, digital penetration, toys, or anal sex. Both lovers can enjoy longer sessions with less fatigue.

Oral Oasis

Oral Oasis -  Riding oral sex position

Need a little extra comfort during those blissful oral sessions? The knee rest on the Aria has your knees covered. Fold the top hump closed for a flat platform while keeping the knee rest open for support. You can either sit on the edge of the chaise or lie back comfortably with your lover kneeling between your open legs. These positions allow optimal access and ensure both lovers are completely at ease.

Sensual Straddle

Sensual Straddle - Crouching sex position

The folded bench platform of the Aria is the perfect width for a squatting/straddling position. With your lover seated on the chaise, slide between their legs, facing them, and find a comfortable position where you can control the pace and depth. The Aria’s supportive structure helps reduce strain on your quads, giving you incredible stamina.

Poly Pleasures

Curved Delight - Extended curves perfect for thruple play

Those beautiful, long, sinuous peaks are just begging for creative exploration. Maybe you want to play together as a thruple. Let your imagination run wild! You can use the curves to support your bodies in different configurations, allowing you to all interact simultaneously. There’s enough room for everyone on the Aria’s expansive shape.

Ravishing Recliner

Exquisite Recliner - Reclined Sex position

Lean back and let the Aria’s sensually contoured curves support you in the most pleasurable reclining position. Whether you’re indulging in some solo pleasure or inviting your partner to join, this position allows for ultimate relaxation while experiencing intense stimulation. Just kick back, unwind, and enjoy the luxurious pleasure that the Aria brings.

Rowdy Rider

Wild Rider - Cowgirl position

Straddle the Aria and ride the pleasure train to destination ecstasy. Take a seat on the chaise, facing your partner, and control the rhythm and depth as you ride to your heart’s content. The Aria’s stable structure ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience, while the fold out foot rest allows for comfort and control.

Acrobatic Antics

Acrobatic Antics Position - Elevated Oral Sex

The Aria’s sturdy construction allows for adventurous, acrobatic positions. Take your love life to new heights. With the Aria, you can explore inspired positions like elevated oral, super doggy style or wheelbarrow pose that require balance, flexibility, and creativity. Or push the boundaries of pleasure and put your lover high on the top hump for a visual and oral feast.

Magical Mount

Magical Mount Position - Modified Doggy Style

Fold the high hump down and climb on top for a peak experience you won’t soon forget. This classic position allows you to take charge and control the depth, speed, and rhythm of penetration, while giving your partner a stable, flat platform. With the Aria as your support, you can confidently ride towards phenomenal climax after climax.

Are you still with me? I hope you took some notes because that’s a lot of positions to try on the Aria Convertible Sex Chaise. This scintillating sex chaise is all about having sensual adventures, enhancing intimate connections, and exploring your desires. Compose your own erotic symphony with the Aria and find captivating new rhythms in your lovemaking.

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