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Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and affectionate adoration. So, why not use this day as an excuse for embracing your own inner goddess and treating yourself to guaranteed pleasure? Toss aside the notion of having someone else send you chocolates or flowers. Instead, let our Single Ladies Gift Guide tempt you with products that promote love and passion with a very special someone—you!

Wanda Magic Wand Mount

Single Ladies Gift Guide

Our single ladies gift guide starts off with the Liberator Wanda Magic Wand Sex Toy Mount—because self-love is a vital part of feeling good, especially on a day that celebrates partnered romance.  This ergonomically designed Shape pairs with your Magic Wand and lets you experience a host of hands-free explorations. With a tapered and undulating form and comfortable elongated lines, the Wanda cups your body while offering complete support, no matter your position.

LELO Sona CruiseSingle Ladies Gift Guide

The clitoris has finally become a part of our lexicon! We can now say the word clit freely without shame or reprisal. That’s why our singles ladies gift guide includes the LELO SONA Cruise. This soft, portable, clitoral massager uses state-of-the-art sonic pulse technology that resonates deep into the internal structure of the clitoris and provides orgasms like no other. There are just something’s a girl can’t live without.

Single Ladies Gift GuideCrystal Delights Twist Red Glass Dildo – Chili Pepper

We added the Crystal Delights Twist Color Dildo to our single ladies gift guide because it’s like gifting yourself one-of-a-kind jewelry and pleasure all in one package. Capped with a shiny Swarovski Crystal element, this gorgeous hand-crafted dildo has a unique swirl design that is made specifically for gentle twisting motion. You can also use it for temperature play too by either running it under hot water or dipping in a cup of ice. Add a splash of chick-inspired porn and you’re set to go all night.

Fascinator Fur Throw

We get you may be well-stocked in the sex toy department. But imagine this—celebrating Valentine’s Day all wrapped up in sensual post-orgasmic cuddles. The Liberator Fascinator Fur Throw is the perfect compliment to our single ladies Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. This moisture-resistant f*ck blanket features smooth satin on one side and decadently soft faux fur on the other. A definite must-have for squirters, the Fascinator lets you spread out your wares without the worry about lubes and other liquids leaking on the sheets.

Single Ladies Gift GuideL’Amourose Prism VII Heated Vibrator

The L’Amourose Prism VII is a one-way ticket to pleasure and paradise this Valentine’s Day. First, the design is unlike any other vibe on our single ladies gift guide. Second, it is equipped with a with a Thermal Regulation System®—a special heating unit that adds instant warmth to your lady parts! Put those two elements together and you’ve got some toe-curling orgasms headed your way. This powerful rabbit-styled vibe is one of our best-sellers

Single Ladies Gift GuideDame Eva II Clitoral Massager

You don’t have to be a solo gal to enjoy this next product on the single ladies gift guide. In fact, we recommend grabbing a partner (or dildo) and giving the Dame EVA II Clitoral Massager a whirl. The newest sex toy in the Liberator pleasure arsenal is the EVA II by Dame. This hands-free vibrator is designed for fitting directly over the clitoris and makes P-in-V sex feel sensational. Easy to use and apply, simply squeeze the flexible arms together and place it between your labia and let the good vibrations roll.

Zeppelin Lounger

Single Ladies Gift Guide

Sometimes you just want to watch Netflix and chill on Valentine’s Day. And with all the chick flicks available online, you’ll have hours upon hours of entertainment while nestled comfortably in the Zeppelin Lounger. This oversized bean bag lounger is filled to the brim with premium micro-cushions that easily conform with your body. A loveship built for two, the Zeppelin Lounger is the perfect excuse for inviting a special someone over for the night.

Single Ladies Gift GuideChakrubs Amethyst Crystal Dildo

We absolutely love this single ladies Valentine’s Day Gift Guide item. Chakrubs, the company that makes these dildos, puts a lot of love and care into their products. The Amethyst Crystal Dildo is no exception. Hand-crafted from all natural materials, this dildo is meant for reflecting your inner and outer beauty and is great for bringing more awareness to your high-powered sexual energy.

Single Ladies Gift GuideFemmeFunn Vibrating Anal Beads

Why not tickle your precious rosebud this Valentine’s Day with FemmeFunn’s Vibrating Anal Beads? Great for anal sex beginners, this discreet sex toy features a series of gradual vibrating anal beads that are molded onto the ultra-flexible and bendable neck. You can insert each bead smoothly while soaking up the sensational vibes from the control panel at the base.

Wing Toy Mount

Single Ladies Gift Guide

The Wing is the perfect sex toy mount for women who are less My Heart Will Go On and more Let’s Get It On. Its super-dense body-length foam mount and ideal for straddling and putting you in a comfortable position while masturbating with your favorite vibes. This toy mount is quite the gem without being an overly big item taking up space in your room. Plus, it’s ready whenever you are.