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According to Hollywood, a romantic atmosphere requires an abundance of red rose petals scattered across a bed, a bottle of expensive champagne, a sea of flickering candles, and a ballad on the stereo. In reality, romance isn’t about flowers and chocolates. Romance is about mindfulness and communication. We at Liberator have found that the most romantic moments in our lives occur when you design a night for your partner rather than a romantic comedy. If you’re having trouble setting the scene, our favorite method for decorating for that special evening is to engage all five of your partner’s senses.


Your goal is to dress the room in a feast for your partner’s eyes, so start by asking yourself a few questions about his or her preferences. Does he like sexy undergarments? Does she prefer dimmed lights? If you’re looking for an alluring presentation, the Esse and Esse Chaise offer curves that accentuate the curves of a woman. Stretch out and elongate your body to let your lover bask in your beauty.

If you’re more in the mood for something spicy, snuggle up and watch an erotic film together. Or, sometimes what you can’t see can be even more appealing, so try adding a blindfold to your foreplay and make your own erotic film.


Scent is often a powerful link to memory and is an excellent tool to use when staging a romantic night. If she has a favorite candle that she lights, get a couple of extra to spread about the room. You could also try adding a Jimmyjane Afterglow or Kama Sutra Love Lights Massage Candle to the mix. Both melt into sensual massage oil to use for later. Also, if your partner loves a certain scent on you, spray a little on. She’ll begin to associate that fragrance with passion and pleasure every time she smells it.



Music can be a great addition to any romantic evening when used properly. If he has a favorite song, turn it up, but avoid the radio. Nothing kills a mood faster than a commercial for car insurance. Check out our post on the hottest songs of the past year for some sexy songs to get you started.

If you and your partner aren’t into a soundtrack during your lovemaking, try playing on this sense in a different way by reading from an erotic book or novel. Fifty Shades of Grey is popular for a reason—and it isn’t her writing style!

Our favorite way to ignite passion is to verbally describe what you would like your partner to do to you or vice versa. Remember not all sound has to be loud; whisper in your lover’s ear for an intimate way to share naughty secrets. Of course, if you do enjoy your pleasure loud and clear, do it with gusto so that even the neighbors will be able to hear you.


Strawberries and whipped cream with champagne are the traditional aphrodisiacs to tickle your partner’s palette, but there are many other ways to include taste in your evening. Take your partner’s favorite flavors into account and turn your bodies into a banquet by incorporating your food into your foreplay.

How about serving sushi with you as the platter? Or try channeling your inner Picasso by painting your partner’s body with the Bijoux Indiscrets Poeme Body Paint and then lick off your masterpiece with your tongue. Your personal lubricants can also be injected with flavor. Try Sensuva Lic-O-Licous Oral Delite Cream or the Masque Flavored Gel Strips, which neutralize and conceal the taste of semen. For localized erogenous zones, the Sensuva Sizzle Lips Edible Warming Gel adds a heat that makes your massage out of this world and tastes delicious.


Your romantic night will involve a heady amount of touch, so we recommend amplifying that particular sense as much as possible. If she loves silky sheets, slip them on the bed. We promise a sensual massage will always be welcome, particularly when you use a high quality oil such as the Good Clean Love Oil.

You can also try stroking your partner with a finger vibe such as the Jimmyjane Hello Touch to have every touch make her tremble. Or incorporate a couples massager such as the LELO Tiani 3 Couples Massager or the We-Vibe Sync so your can share in the intensity and feed off each other’s vibrations. Of course, there is always pleasure in what you can’t touch, so we also recommend checking out our LeatherWorks line for the newest and softest leather restraints.

How do you set the scene for a romantic night with your partner? Let us know in the comments!

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