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The OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle changed my life. As a working mom, masturbating is one of the only ways for me to decompress. There is nothing like an orgasmic nightcap to melt away the daily grind of kids, traffic, and work.  A few months ago, I could not wait for the evening and rushed home for a lunchtime quickie. The day was like any other day. That was until, my constant companion, a 15-year-old rabbit vibe, decided to croak!

Half-naked, with panties tangled around one ankle, I desperately searched for batteries. While raiding virtually every one of the kid’s toy and remote control device available, I begged God to just please bring my toy back to life just this one last time! Pounding the rabbit against the kitchen counter, my pleading went unanswered. All I was left with was mounting sexual frustration and a vibe beaten to a million pieces.

The OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle Product Review

After processing the grief for my dead vibe, I decided that it was time to move on. I’m not picky about toys, hence the super-dated vibrator, but this time I wanted something different—something that did not require a stockpile D batteries, or at the least, a trip to a psych ward. Looking online, I was amazed to see that sex toys have completely evolved. There’s now a shit-load of vibes, dildos, clit stimulators, all of which, have new technology like USB rechargeable batteries. With tons of toys, shapes, and sizes to choose from, I finally decided on a pretty, pink and white vibe called the Lovelife Cuddle Vibe by OhMiBod. Now, who wouldn’t fall in love with something as cutely named as cuddle?

OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle

OhMiBod Bless America!

Tracking the UPS delivery guy, like a crazed stalker, I rushed home to greet my new vibe. What do you expect, I can’t leave something like that at my door, what would the neighbors think? It had already been 2 hard weeks without having a vibe. Inside the plain brown delivery box, there it was—a beautifully packaged box of pleasure. It was almost too pretty to open, but my need to orgasm was growing more intense by the moment. Sliding the box open revealed probably the most perfect designed sex toy. I ran my finger’s across the slightly curved shaft and delighted at the feel of the supple silicone. “This is going to be insanely good”, I thought.

OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle

That was until the instruction manual indicated that my new OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle would have to charge for a couples hours before use. That’s ok—I’ve waited this long already. It was relatively easy to charge, just slip the cable into the tiny hole at the bottom of the handle. While charging, it’s cute little heart-shaped face kept blinking at me, and blinking at me, and blinking. I had to distract myself. After two loads of laundry and some warm-up porn, the vibe’s indicator light wasn’t blinking anymore. It was solid, which meant it was time for lift off.

Rabbit Who?

For someone that does not explore sex toys that often, using the OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle has completely altered my perception. Comparatively, my old rabbit was cumbersome with only 3 settings (low, medium, and peel me off the ceiling, high) and an annoyingly loud motor. Now that I have had something new, it did not take long to realize the difference my orgasms. The OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle has, not three, but seven unique vibrational patterns. Switching between patterns was as easy as pressing with my thumb on the plus or minus signs.

The texture of the Cuddle felt way better than that old crusty twirling piece of plastic which I’ve grown accustomed. According to the maker, OhMiBod, it’s made from a body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. With a little lube, I felt transported to a different world while stimulating myself. But the kicker was how it felt when inserted into my vagina. Holy Cheese Wiz! No wonder it’s called the Cuddle. Because of its shape and curved design, it directly hit my sweet G-spot while fitting perfectly in my hands. I did not have to fumble around or reposition myself—all I had to do was just focus on the pleasure and enjoy the incredible release.

I’ll Have Some More Please

The Love Life Cuddle has given me more pleasure than anticipated. Because of its relatively compact size and less expensive price tag, I was skeptical at first,  but after 3 months of constant use, there has been no disappointment.  In fact, this vibe has been getting so much use that I’ve only had to charge it once. But what I really like about this vibe is it’s extremely quiet motor. Compared to the old, clunky rabbit, I never envisioned something that quiet which makes it much easier to just relax.  That, plus not requiring batteries gives me peace of mind.


OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle


Happy and deeply satisfied, I’m curious to see what other (OhMiBod) products have in store for me. With the help of the Liberator website, I’ve decided to add to my collection—you know for the sake of variety. Perhaps I’ll keep you posted—that is of course if I’m not too busy having amazing orgasms!

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